For someone who always smile, would you believe I have always been conscious about my teeth?


I am a coffee drinker. I need to have at least 2 cups of coffee to get through the day. Plus, the enamel of my teeth is naturally thin as per my dentist. She explained, our teeth are naturally yellowish. The thicker the enamel, which is the outer layer of each tooth, the whiter the tooth can be. And the thinner the enamel, the more yellowish the tooth appears – which is unfortunately my case.

My Teeth Whitening Options

I’ve been considering 3 options to whiten my teeth. Here they are and their cons.

  • Teeth Bleaching – I heard from my friends who have done teeth bleaching that this can be a bit painful after the procedure. Teeth become very sensitive and “downtime” is about 2-3 days, which means no colored food/drink allowed.
  • Whitening Toothpaste – I’ve tried several whitening toothpastes. Some have temporary results as they coat the teeth to make them appear whiter. On the otherhand, some actually helps whiten the teeth when used overtime but it takes a while.
  • Veneers – These are custom-made shells of tooth-colored materials which are bonded to the front of the teeth. Among the 3 options, this is what I have been dreaming of. Take note of the word “dream” as it costs about PHP 20,000 per tooth (price may vary).

Then I heard The Smile Bar is now in the Philippines — and I knew I had to try it.


What Is The Smile Bar?

The Smile Bar is a teeth whitening salon that offers fast, effective and safe system. It first launched in Hong Kong last 2015, then in Bangkok in 2016.

The Smile Bar uses products and technology from Swedish company, Brilliant Smile. The secret is the teeth whitening gel, which safely removes discoloration and stains from the enamel. The LED Plasma Light technology activates the whitening gel. This is done for 20 minutes, and repeated depending on the treatment of your choice.

Teeth Whitening Process and My Experience

First is the pre-treatment teeth assessment. The specialist used this teeth shade guide. She matched it with my tooth beside my two front teeth. Here you see that I’m shade S30.



Then, I was asked to prepare for the treatment by using Brilliant Smile dental products – mouthwash, toothpaste and disposable toothbrush.


After which, I headed to my egg chair and beside me was the materials needed during the treatment.



Next, I was asked to dry my teeth by brushing this “paper” on my teeth.


The specialist applied the whitening gel on the mouth tray (which looks like a mouth guard), then she asked me to bite it.

The gel is actually color purple, as seen below, because the LED light will be more efficient on something dark versus something white, transparent, or clear.The gel acts as the whitening agent, absorbing the light, while the LED light activates it. The gel in itself can whiten the enamel, that is take the stains out, but when not activated, it will take A LOT of time. This is why the blue LED light is need to make the treatment quicker and more efficient.


I then wore the protective glasses and the LED light was pointed directly towards the mouth tray. I have to hold still for 20 minutes — this is where it gets tricky. Although I can do whatever I wish, they even have headphones or tablet that can be borrowed during the treatment, the LED light must be on (not just close) the mouth tray. Therefore, small movement or even a little swivel of the chair can make a difference.



After the first pass of the treatment (I got the Triple Whitening treatment, which means repeating the treatment 3 times with 20 minutes each pass), the whitening gel did not fully dissolve. My small movements made the chair swivel, which misplaced the position of the LED light. I learned my lesson after the first pass, so for the next two I held the light towards the mouth tray all through out the treatment. Yes, I was that determined to make my teeth whiter!


After the third pass, I did the Nano Seal Total+, an add-on to the whitening treatment to reinforce the enamel and seal the whiteness of the teeth. In other words, you can eat/drink even colored food/drink right after! No downtime! There’s no need to wait for 72 hours before you can consume your favorite food.

The product is applied on each tooth using a small brush, which is done in less than a minute! A stinging sensation can be felt if the product touches the gums. It’s not bothersome though. If I rank the level of discomfort from 1 to 10 (10 being the highest), it is just 1.


The Smile Bar Triple Whitening Results

Now, for the results… from S30, my teeth became S18. This means my teeth is now 12 shades whiter in just 60 minutes of treatment!










The Smile Bar Teeth Whitening Verdict

Judging by the photos and my experience of being still for a total of 60 minutes (for Triple Whitening Treatment), the process can look a bit uncomfortable. But surprisingly, it’s not. In fact, I was worried that my jaw would feel numb, but it did not. You just need to be more cautious with the LED light that it won’t be misplaced during the entire treatment.

No doubt, I’m really happy with the results. It can whiten the teeth immediately and effectively. Who wouldn’t rejoice with 12 shades whiter teeth?! (In average, their clients get 5 shades whiter teeth after one treatment) I take A LOT of close up photos for my makeup reviews and I can really see the difference! I highly recommend The Smile Bar’s Teeth Whitening treatment if you’re a coffee drinker, smoker, or if you just have yellowish teeth.

Just to manage expectations though, your teeth would not be as white as you would want them to be. Although I want them to be super white, they can look fake. Therefore, be realistic with your expectations. Also, I was told that results can last up to 6 months, but of course this depends on your lifestyle. I’m a crazy coffee drinker so I don’t expect it to last for that long.


The Smile Bar Teeth Whitening Prices

Single Whitening – Php2,999
Double Whitening – Php4,999
Triple Whitening – Php6,999
Nano Seal Total+ – Php1,299
Brilliant Smile WhiteningEvo Toothpaste – Php849
Brilliant Smile WhiteningBoost Toothpaste – Php649
BrilliantSmile WhiteningEvo Mouthrinse – Php999


For more information, you may also check out the following sites:

To book an appointment, contact numbers are as follows: (0917) 148 5659 or (02) 541 2853. They also sccept walk-ins should there be any available slots. The Smile Bar can be found at the 2nd Floor, Cluster 2, Uptown Parade, BGC, Taguig City

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