“Power dressing” is a term coined to exhibit authority through fashion. This is a proof how the clothes we wear greatly affect our confidence or even our mood.

Power dress in events


Power dress in meetings


Power dress in concerts


I love to dress up as it gives me the boost of confidence to face the world. My clothes are like my armor that helps me conquer my day and protects me from unavoidable circumstances. I remember recently how uncomfortable I was with what I was wearing. I didn’t like my outfit in general, giving me a bad mood throughout the day. My friend even noticed it! On another day, I knew how busy I would be the entire day. Usually, I get tensed and easily irritated on days like this. To prepare for the things ahead, I dressed up nicely. Viola! My outfit made me feel good about myself, thus I finished everything I had to do without feeling stressed. These show how my outfit affects my thoughts and how I interact in general.

But although I love to dress up, I am also a serial outfit repeater…



I’m not the type who wears a piece of clothing once and never repeat it again. I like to mix and match. Besides, it is the least I could do for our environment. I try to use my clothes over and over again. This is why FashionCare is important.

Watch Rajo Laurel’s video to get a glimpse of his studio and his thoughts on power dressing and FashionCare.

As a serial outfit repeater and for someone who knows the importance of power dressing, investing on a really good washing machine is a must! I used to think washing machines in general can be too harsh for our clothes. But with Electrolux washing machine, it can gently deep clean, at the same time, protect color to make clothes looking new for longer. Who doesn’t want that?! Best of all, I can dry clean my clothes at home! Counting my clothes that need delicate care and dry clean, investing on a good washing machines comes out cheaper in the long run rather than sending my clothes to a laundry shop all the time. Hmmm… Hi Santa! Christmas is near! LOL!

Anyway, gotta go and time to power dress!

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