It has been almost six months since I started my fitness journey at Anytime Fitness Eastwood. A lot of people have been asking me how I decided on which gym to join. If you’re familiar with the area, there are several fitness clubs to choose from. I considered several factors and I thought of sharing them here because this is a usual dilemma for those who want to start their fitness journey or those who are thinking of transferring to a new gym. What made me choose Anytime Fitness Eastwood?



First and foremost, choose a gym near your workplace or your house — wherever you spend most of your time. This also depends what time of the day you prefer to workout. Some like it in the morning, while others in the afternoon or at night, just like me. Therefore, your decision also lies where you are usually on your preferred gym time – Will you be at home by then? If so, go for a gym near your house. Or do you prefer going to the gym right after office? Let the rush hour pass while doing something productive in the gym. These are just some things you should consider.



If you’re commuting, is the gym easily accessible by public transport? If you’re driving a car, is there parking? Both are answerable by “YES” with Anytime Fitness Eastwood. Since it is located in a mall, parking will never be a problem.


I go to the gym even in the weirdest time of the day so a 24-hour gym is a perfect fit for my lifestyle. Oh, and I love that I can workout even on holidays! If you want to start your fitness journey, keep in mind that you do not find time to go to the gym. You MAKE time for it.


By the way, do you know that if you’re a member of Anytime Fitness, you can go to ANY of their branches – even outside the country! And for a traveller like me, this matters a lot!





When choosing a gym, it is a MUST to visit or at least ask for a free trial to get a feel of what is it like to workout there. Are the equipments complete? Are they clean? Is the gym spacious?

Anytime Fitness Eastwood has all the equipments that I need. More importantly, they are ALWAYS clean and well-kept, which I really appreciate. Aside from the members being courteous in returning and cleaning the equipments after use, there are cleaners who make sure everything is sanitized.


Looks-wise, I like how Anytime Fitness Eastwood does not look intimidating at all. If you are a newbie, this can be a huge factor. The color scheme and layout of equipments can help you feel at ease, to be honest.


It does not feel cramped. This is very important to me as I’ve already experienced how hard it is to workout when there are a lot of people. Even if I go to Anytime Fitness Eastwood during peak hours, I always have my own personal space when I do my floor exercises or when I lift weights.


If you are new and you want to use the machines, they have easy to understand instructions. Of course, you can also ask any of their friendly trainers too.





I’ve always been asked if there are classes or group trainings at Anytime Fitness. The Eastwood branch has! So if you are not into lifting weights, you can always join classes.

Currently, here’s the group exercise schedule of Anytime Fitness Eastwood. Schedules may change without prior notice.


Personal Trainers


Personal trainers that do not need their own personal trainers – this is how I would describe the trainers at Anytime Fitness Eastwood. I know it’s not right to judge trainers based on how they look, but reality is, would you pay and trust someone to do your program if you see that he/she is not fit? I like how their trainers do what they also teach/preach. I’ve seen them workout during off-peak hours and they are amazing. They aren’t intimidating too. So if you are a newbie or you want a personal trainer to create your program to achieve your body goal or you simply need someone to push your limits whenever you’re in the gym, you can always go to Anytime Fitness Eastwood.



Last, but not the least, some may not realize this but the people around you when you workout matters. I’ve already experienced a snotty gym receptionist and it really affected my mood and my workout. I never went back to that gym, by the way.

The people at Anytime Fitness Eastwood are just a happy bunch – whether it be the staff/ trainers or members. I don’t get strange or judging looks from anybody. Haha! It’s a funny observation but I’m pretty sure it is one of the top reasons why some people are scared to go to the gym. The people at Anytime Fitness Eastwood do not judge. They all do their own thing and they do not have time to stare at people or judge your form. There is no need to be conscious. This kind of environment is also one of the reasons why Anytime Fitness Eastwood is not intimidating even for newbies.





So if you are looking for a place to start or continue your fitness journey, take note of all these considerations.

Anytime Fitness Eastwood is located at the 4th floor of Eastwood Mall, E. Rodriguez Jr. Avenue Bagumbayan, Libis, Quezon City, Metro Manila. Contact number: 0905 2948797

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