If there is one thing I dread when traveling, it is packing (oh, I almost forgot about airports too!) Aside from deciding what outfits to bring, fitting everything in the suitcase can be a pain. As much as possible, I go for light, space-saving clothes but for me, the hardest to pack are the bras.

I invest on brassieres since I hate bulges at the wrong places, especially when wearing form-hugging outfits. And good quality intimates are not exactly cheap so I really take care of them. Once the cup gets dented or wrinkled, it will be there forever — and it is super obvious even under a loose top. This is why I always have a hard time packing bras. I bought one of those hard cases especially made for bras but ended up not using it since it is too bulky and heavy. Therefore, I just make sure my bras are laid nicely in the middle of my clothes and hope they are still in good condition once I reach my destination. Haha!


I never really thought that there is such a thing as travel bras. They are called “travel bras” because you can actually roll the bras when packing. OMG! Honestly, I’m not sure if this has been a thing for a while now or if you can really do it with all non-underwire bras. I’ve never tried since, as said earlier, I’m so afraid to end up with deformed cups. I just learned about this when I visited Wacoal Mood at UP Town Center.


Wacoal Mood is built to target the millennials of today by bringing the most comfortable and stylish underwear that comes with playful color palettes plus plain colors for the basics and stunning designs/styles which can suit every mood.

Check out my store tour below.


cute prints



more feminine designs


How about something sporty?






plain with back details


Even the fitting room is so cool! You can choose your own songs while you fit…



or doodle…


But what really caught my attention is the padded bras without underwire. They can be rolled for easier packing– travelers like me would definitely rejoice! Just take a look at my sample below.

I normally pack my bras like this…


Just imagine the space it occupies in my suitcase, plus my worry that no hard objects, such as zippers, should touch the cups and straps.

Then look at how I can pack the Wacoal Mood bras…


Yes, they’re so neat and most importantly, space-saving!

Of course, it is not all about how I can pack these bras. More than anything, the fit, support and comfort should still be the priority. I’ve always been an underwire bra wearer because of that extra push it can give. Sorry, TMI but those who are not so blessed would understand for sure. Haha! But in case you haven’t heard, using underwire bra all the time is not healthy. When I tried these Wacoal Mood bras, I couldn’t be any happier! The fit is perfect. It has enough cushion and support. It gives me the right curves even if I’m just wearing t-shirt. Most of all, it is very comfortable! My only wish is that they would come up with strapless bras too.

So if you’re looking for travel bras or simply the right bra for you, visit Wacoal Mood. You can also visit wacoal.ph/mood

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