Rain, rain go away! I know, I know… a few weeks ago, I even said “Keep Calm and Love Rainy Days.” But weather has been pretty weird lately– I leave the house in a cropped top because the sun’s out, I end up wearing a rain jacket come afternoon. So why not ditch the planning based on the weather and just wear whatever you feel like? That’s what I did when I wore this.


I just wanted something comfortable to wear so I got my pair of boyfriend jeans and slip-on sandals. For a balanced look, I chose a feminine top– cropped with ruffles.


Some are not comfortable wearing men’s clothes since they look like they are drowning with too much fabric. I’m one of them! As a tip, mix masculine and feminine pieces to achieve balance in an outfit.


How do you like the look?


Top: Forever 21
Pants: online
Sandals: Roam
Bag: Chanel Wallet on Chain

For my makeup details here, you can check out my previous post: https://lushangel.com/2018/07/30/instant-pick-me-up-makeup-look/

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