A few weeks ago, I was invited at the launch of Penthouse By The Bay located at the top of 1900’s colonial style building, Rizal Park Hotel. So just imagine the view as the sun sets…

al fresco area


Sipping a glass of champagne with a great view of Manila Bay would be perfect, don’t you think? Well, true enough, we were greeted with glasses of bubbly as soon as we arrived.


with Marj, Nikki, Shari, and Jackie


If you’re wondering, we were dressed for the Great Gatsby party– in theme with the posh interiors of the fully-airconditioned area, which is inspired by the Art Deco period.

indoor dining area


This new jewel is a perfect place to wine and dine in style with family and friends. They have fine selections of wine and spirits– some of them have the seal of approval of the royalties, Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles.


Don’t expect a typical hotel food here. In fact, Penthouse By The Bay is a great place to dine if you wish to have nice comfort food. The food is pretty much affordable too considering it is located in a hotel.


Crab Cake (PHP 580)

This was my ultimate favorite that night! I’m a crab monster and I really loved how flavorful this crab cake tasted. It is made of fresh crab meat– literally, a ball full of crab meat inside. I’ll definitely go back for this!


Meat Lovers Pizza Cone (PHP 670)

Think of pizza rolled into cones. This one was also good, but it must be eaten hot.


Quattro Formaggi (PHP 670.00)

Honestly, I’m not a “pizza person”. Although I eat pizza, it’s not just my first choice. But whenever I have to order one, I always go for Quattro Formaggi because I love cheese! This is definitely one of your must-orders, especially if you’re a group.


Seafood Risotto (PHP 370)

This is a creamy risotto with squid, shrimp, mussel, tuna, and cream butter parmesan.


Spicy Mussels (PHP 290.00)

This is fresh mussels with red sauce. It was not as spicy as I expected, but I wanted some pasta because of its tomato-based sauce. Haha!


I’m not sure what this dish is called but this is good comfort food. It is spam with crunchy breading with rice on the side.


Our dessert was literally on fire! This Double Chocolate Cheescake is a perfect way to end a meal.


Here are more photos during the launch of Penthouse By The Bay…




And of course, after dinner, we partied the night away! We weren’t titas that night since we know we’re just a few steps away from our beds. We checked-in at Rizal Park Hotel hotel for the night.


Who wouldn’t fall in love with these interiors? Rizal Park Hotel is definitely picture-perfect– even the hallways and garden area. I took some OOTD photos here. You can check it out here: https://lushangel.com/2018/09/24/see-through-elegance-ootd-makeup-look/


Jackie and I stayed in one room, which has nice well-lit relaxing interiors. This bed is huge for the both of us. Oh, can I just add… I slept soundly that night because the pillows are so soft. Yes, I’m very particular with pillows, in case you do not know. Haha!

As for the bathroom, it is spacious and clean, with enclosed shower, bidet, toilet, blow dryer, and fresh towels. It has the basics, but if you know me, I bring all my toiletries with me.


It was definitely a relaxing staycation for me and the rest of the gang. If you’re looking for a hotel at the heart of Manila and near tourist sites or simply want to take nice photos, you can try out Rizal Park Hotel.

Penthouse By The Bay is a destination events place that can cater up to a maximum of 500pax (standing) or 270pax seated.

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