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Beyonce Knowles’ “Single Ladies” Dance Video Contest

No doubt, the Single Ladies music video of Beyonce is really amazing! It definitely shows how good of a dancer she is. Love it, love it, love it! And by now, most of you probably have seen a number of videos trying to remake or even spoof the Single Ladies music video. Well, I’m really awed by the fact that a lot of people can actually imitate Beyonce’s dance moves. Even Justin Timberlake, together with Andy Samberg and Beyonce herself, have a dance video of Single Ladies for Saturday Night Live. With Justin’s costume, heels, plus the dance moves- ultimately a hilarious video! Anyways, in relation to the this, some of you might have heard that Beyonce announced the Single Ladies dance video contest. Everyone above 18 years old is invited to remake her phenomenal dance moves in her music video. The best fan-created dance video will win $2,500! Not only that, the grand prize winner’s dance video will be shown in Beyonce’s “I Am…” World Tour 2009. Isn’t that amazing?! If you guys are interested, you still have time as the deadline is on March 6, 2009. For more information, check...

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New York Fashion Week Runway Trends

Wanting to have those clothes, shoes, and accessories worn at the 2009 New York fashion week runway? Saks Fifth Avenue, again, makes your dream come true! Choose from Heavy Metal, Cutout, Masculine Feminine, and New Suit. Oh my, I love all these fashion trends! The Heavy Metal style gives modern fashion a twist by adding those shining accents- something I really like! I especially want those grommet gladiator sandals from Chloe and the leather sandals from Giuseppe Zanotti. Plus, the Rebecca Minkoff studded bag, the Gucci Marina chain bracelet, and the Temperley London leopard knit dress! Hehehe! Check them out here.  Then, you’ll see a lot of those open shapes in the Cutout fashion trend. Again, I’m drooling over here the patent leather sandals and the patent leather tote, from Jimmy Choo and Marc by Marc Jacobs, respectively. Oh, and I think the Fendi peep-toe booties is also to die for (love the heels)! Who said women will look slacky wearing men’s fashion? This is obviously proven wrong when you see this. Now, menswear is taken into a next level by giving it a feminine touch. Errrr… I can’t stop looking at the oversized two-tone bracelet watch (my weakness ever since… hehehe) from Michael Kors and the motorcycle chain necklace from Vera Wang! Last from the runway trend is the New Suit, which is less buttoned up than ever! Oh noez… I want to get the shoes from...

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Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li

Another popular video game turned into a movie, currently being shown already in most countries, is Street Fighter. This episode centers on the legend of Chun-Li, a female fighter in the video game. Since this is Street Fighter, this movie will surely be action-packed! And to add to the excitement, Kristin Kreuk, the pretty Lana Lang in Smallville, is playing the lead role as Chun-Li. Boys will surely want to see her in the big screen! Hehe! Other actors/ actresses are Chris Klein, Neal McDonough, Robin Shou, Moon Bloodgood, and many more. The movie is directed by Andrzej Bartkowiak. If you haven’t watched the movie yet, check out the trailer below of Street Fighter: The Legend of...

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Valentino Spring 2009 Collection

Woot! Calling all shoeaholics and bagaholics out there! Hehehe! Valentino spring 2009 collection is here, and I say, the shoes and the bags are ultimately gorgeous! I’m loving the bow and the petals detail found in the collection. Well, obviously, I’m just left drooling in front of my laptop because the prices are way out of my budget. Hehe! If only I had the money to spend, spend, and spend… *dream land* Anyways, check out Valentino’s Spring 2009 collection at Saks Fifth Avenue. Simply click on the links below: For SHOES For BAGS Errr… I love, love, love the Braided Gladiator Sandals… and the Patent Triple Band Sandals… and the Glam Mena Sandals… and the…, and the…, and the…...

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Nikon D90, My Choice

For the few times I have used my DSLR, I came to realize that it was actually a good decision that Arthur settled for Nikon D90 instead of the other cameras of our choice. Though I admit that for the first few days that I had this camera with me, I kept on thinking on the huge amount of money I have invested on this. My heart sinks when I remember how much it costs. Of course, everyone knows what my first love is, or rather, are- BAGS and TRAVELING. And because of the latter, I finally decided to get a nice camera, which will surely be of great use. As day passes, I have more or less accepted how much it costs because of some realizations on why I actually need Nikon D90 over other DSLRs. Here are a few points why I’m in love with my Nikon D90: 18-105mm Kit Lens. One of the reasons, or may I say, the main reason we bought Nikon D90 is the kit lens that comes with it. Canon 450D and Nikon D60 have 18-55mm kit lens, which we find quite small. Since I’m buying a DSLR for my traveling needs, I’m definite that I’ll be using its zoom often- something I love doing. I know I can easily buy a zoom lens, but I do not want to buy any lenses just yet. Therefore,...

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