I think I’ve been spending too much lately. I just think so. Now, I feel I should ban myself from shopping. My birthday is coming up and I won’t make that an excuse! I’ve had too much birthday gifts for myself this year. I need to control! Ummm… Is this me talking, or rather, writing?! LOL! 🙂 No really, I’m serious. I need to control my expenses as I have yet to get at least one of my dream bags in my list this year. Hahaha! Yup, that’s what I’m saving for… 🙂

eastwood city august sale

How can I control when an up coming sale is just a walk away from my place?! Eastwood will be having a city wide end of season sale starting tomorrow. This sale will run until Sunday, August 16, 2009. This will include shops in Eastwood Mall, Citywalk II, Cyber and Fashion Mall so expect a lot of people in Eastwood this weekend! Happy shopping! 🙂

P.S. Oh Lord, please help me find the right shoes… I mean help me find the strength to control! 🙂