Since I was in college, Plains & Prints has been one of my go-to fashion brands. I would describe their clothes as both fashionable and elegant. Their styles suit the confident modern woman. Therefore, it’s not surprising that this homegrown clothing brand has been in the business for 20 years now. Wow!

Recently, I attended Plains & Prints’ fashion show at Glorietta as they launch their latest collection in time for their 20th anniversary.


Photography and Fashion are two industries that closely work together – all the time. But who would have thought that a huge fashion brand would collaborate with photographers by digitally printing their photos on clothes? That’s what Plains & Prints did for their anniversary collection, which they call Photo Fashion Collection.


Plains & Prints collaborated with two of the best names in Photography, Mr. Mark Nicdao and Mr. Wig Tysmans.


Fashion photographer Mark Nicdao has snapped photos of the who’s-who in the dazzling sartorial world. He has worked with models and local and international celebrities, including Paris Hilton and Adam Levine. But apart from fashion, Mark also loves to shoot interesting locations. His vacation shots in India are featured in Plains & Prints Photo Fashion Collection.


Wig Tysmans, on the otherhand, is a known portrait photographer. Some of his snapshots closest to his heart are now immortalized on Plains & Prints’ anniversary collection.

“These are photos I took of my children when my family still lived in Baguio. I wanted to capture the blue skies and I could only do that early in the morning. So I wake them up, we drive around, and I just let them run free while I take photos of them,” recalls Wig.

These photographs are unique because of a special technique Wig experimented with during the ’70s. The photos are captured with infrared film to make the skies deep blue.


Check out more photos from the fashion show below. I’m quite sure you’ll have a hard time selecting your favorites. Don’t worry, I can’t even pick! I want them all! 😀










And of course, the face of Plains & Prints for three years now, Anne Curtis, walked down the runway too.

“It has helped me evolve in the way I dress, from someone who just wants to have fun to being more lady-like. I’m still able to mix and match to make it my style. I also love its sophisticated designs, something I want to be identified with,” Anne shares.

For Anne, having to wear beautiful pieces that are locally made and being able to share that with all her followers through her Instagram OOTDs is one of the most fulfilling experiences she has working with Plains & Prints.


Congratulations Plains & Prints for 20 fruitful years and bravo for another unique Photo Fashion Collection!


The Photo Fashion Collection limited edition will be out in all Plains and Prints boutiques in July and August.

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