WDYM? Beliebers know what I’m talking about for sure. WDYM = What Do You Mean, from Justin Bieber’s song What Do You Mean? Sorry, I just have to be annoying and reiterate.


I wore the Oxygen x Bieber Collection in my recent trip to Taiwan. Nothing is more comfortable than streetwear when traveling, I swear! Haha!


I’m sure most of you have heard that Oxygen collaborated with Justin Bieber to drop his latest exclusive streetwear collection. The Oxygen x Bieber Collection is composed of cool graphic tees, pullovers, bomber jackets, caps, and hoodies that take heavy inspiration from the pop star himself and his hit album, Purpose.


Thankfully, comfy tees are back!

This collaboration was just in time with Smart Communication’s announcement weeks after that Justin Bieber is in fact having a concert here in Manila on September 30! Gaaah… Ready your Despacito dance moves guys! It is for real! Hello, Justin!!!


Anyway, here are more photos of this travel OOTD. What do you think? Are you into streetwear?





Shirt: Oxygen x Bieber
Shorts: Oxygen
Jacket: Oxygen
Shoes: Adidas Ultraboost
Cap: Oxygen x Bieber

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