Workout should not be boring. Although you have to work hard and treat it seriously to reach your fitness goals, there should always be that element of fun to let you look forward to your next session. Agree? One way to excite you is to wear nice workout clothes – but let’s make that fashionable AND functional. Just like what I’m wearing here from the newest collection of adidas: Warp Knit.


Last month, adidas globally launched its Warp Knit Collection of seamless knit training wear that combines peak performance with a signature style.


To be honest, the first time I saw the tights from the collection, I was not sure if I would feel comfortable wearing it. I actually wear compression tights and I do not really like the feeling. I just have to wear it, especially on leg days. Just to give you an idea of the importance of compression tights, it helps in blood circulation and decreases soreness and fatigue. Therefore, whether it is comfortable or not, I just need to wear compression tights for better workout sessions.


When I tried on this pair from the Warp Knit Collection for the first time, I was surprised – in a good way. It hugs every curve of my legs as if it was custom-made. The fit is that perfect! Plus, I could move with ease and do my squats without restraint. It has medium compression and it feels comfortable that I could wear it ALL day – even after workout, while running errands, and when traveling.





In terms of design, adidas Warp Knit Collection does not fall short too. It has seamless construction with beautiful open mesh patterns, which are carefully placed for breathability. I do not mind wearing it in the mall or anywhere else! As I said earlier, it is fashionable AND functional.


Also, every adidas Warp Knit piece is made of a nylon blend that ensures an extra soft feel and incredibly durable consistency.



I hope they would add more pieces in this collection! It is currently my favorite workout clothes!





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