Gucci is on super sale at Beyond the Rack!!! 🙂 There are still some bags, wallets, keychains and scarves that aren’t taken yet!

Other stuff on sale are Whatever It Takes T-shirts and XOXO handbags. Ooooh… I can’t wait for Ed Hardy shirts to be on sale too!!! 🙂 It’s part of their upcoming sale. I even asked Arthur to buy for me but he ended up buying 2 Ed Hardy shirts for himself ONLY!!! Hmph! I need to get one in this upcoming sale!!! LOL! 🙂

ZOMG! So what are you waiting for, jump in to the site right now to check the items on sale. 🙂 Click on this link- and use this invite code to get access- NANAC09EA84

Enjoy shopping! 🙂