Remember I went to Boracay last week of August?  Well, I owe you that story, so here it is. 🙂

My friends and I stayed (again) in Island Nook.  We partied (again) all night long.  We enjoyed (again) the sunny weather.  And we attempted (again) different activities.

This Boracay trip is all about adventure, different activities, all in one day. 🙂

We rode a jet ski.  I know this so not new to us anymore, but every time I ride on this…oh boy, adrenaline rush, baby!  You just gotta have the need for speed, eh? 🙂

We also took a 20-30minute shuttle ride to the hills to try out the new craze, Zorb. 🙂 It is a bit far. We even passed by Shangri-la Boracay. Thank God Zorb has a shuttle in D’Mall. Man, this activity is worth it! 🙂 Some of our friends tried out the Zorb ball in which you are strapped around , and pushed down hill.  I wasn’t too adventurous at that time.  In short, I chickened out. Hehehe! 🙂 But on the next visit (who knows when) maybe I’d be prepared already by then.  I didn’t waste my trip going there.  I tried out the hydro ball.  A bucket of water is placed inside the Zorb ball making you wet and slippery as the Zorb ball is pushed down hill.  This activity is so exciting!  In fact, so exciting that I did two rounds of it. Zorb truly is a must-try! 🙂 Take a look at some of our pictures. Just click on them to make them larger. 🙂

Zorb with harness…

zorb boracay zorb in boracay zorb with harness

Hydro Zorb ball… Oooh, and yes you can let the ball roll down behind you! 🙂

hydro zorb zorb with water boracay activities activities in boracay

Finally, before leaving the Island we just got to try parasail.  We got the beautiful view of the Boracay island.  It’s very relaxing being up there. Hehehe!  Well, it should have been a perfect activity to end the vacation, but when we got back inside the boat, I felt really dizzy. The boat was not at all stable because of the waves. 🙁 Check out some of our pics below. Again, you can always click on them to make them bigger. 🙂

parasail boracay parasail what to do in boracay

Whew… I think this is the only island I would want to go back over and over again. 🙂 If I want to be adventurous, the Boracay activities is the answer. If I want to chill and relax, Boracay is the place to be. If I want to party, Boracay is still the answer. Everything is just there! Ooooh, I just can’t wait for next summer! 🙂