ZO Skin Health by Zein Obagi Skin Care Review

Ever since I’ve started going to Belo Medical Center, I’ve been a user of Belo Prescriptives (skincare line of Belo). And I’m really giving the credit to them as their dermatologists really contributed to what my skin has become. If you met me about six years ago, you would see me breaking out every now and then. My skin started to get clearer and clearer every visit at Belo. Of course, I also had to stop or add something new to my Belo Prescriptives regimen from time to time to give way to my skin care reviews. Anyway, a few months ago I was introduced to ZO Skin Health skin care at Belo Medical Center. It took me a while to do this review since, I won’t deny, I’ve had love-hate relationship with it. Finally, I’ve come to gather my thoughts.

Who is Zein Obagi?


Let me give a short background on ZO Skin Health as a lot of people are confused if it’s the same as Obagi Medical Products. ZO Skin Health is founded by Dr. Zein Obagi, who is also responsible for the creation of the original Obagi Nu-Derm and Obagi Blue Peel way back in 1988. In 2006, he resigned from Obagi Medical Products. He then founded ZO Skin Health, Inc in 2007. Dr. Obagi redefined the concept of skin health to include comprehensive solutions that bridge the gap between therapeutics and maintaining truly healthy skin. With Dr. Obagi’s goal to continue to advance skincare- to include the concept of creating and maintaining healthy skin as opposed to just treating disease and damaged skin, he created the comprehensive skin heatlh solutions.

ZO Skin Health

ZO Skin Health has two lines under them- ZO Medical and ZO Skin Health. ZO Medical products target and treat current skin problems, while ZO Skin Health line is more for maintenance. To know which products to use, you MUST ask the dermatologist. What works for one may or may not work for others as we do not have the same skin conditions and needs.


My ZO Skin Health Regimen

My dermatologist from Belo Medical Center prescribed me these products since I have oily skin and hyperpigmentation from previous pimples.

ZO Medical Oilacleanse

Oilacleanse is a facial cleanser for normal to oily skin which has micro beads to promote exfoliation. I like how the beads do not feel harsh on my skin at all. It also leaves my skin clean without the dry feel. I was asked to use this day and night.

ZO Medical Melamin


This formulation has 4% hydroquinone which targets hyperpigmentation. It inhibits melanin production to even skin color and tone. I used this day and night.

ZO Medical Glycogent


Glycogent helps reduce inflammation and prevent future damage. It also has potent glycolic and lactic acid complex provides skin surface renewal. I was asked to used this during the day only.

ZO Medical Melamix


This solution is a skin lightener and blending creme. It has 4% hydroquinone bleaching cream, which also helps in reducing the appearance of chloasma, melasma, and freckles. I was asked to mix Melamix with Tretinoin to be applied every night.

ZO Skin Health Oclipse Sunscreen + Primer


This is my ultimate favorite in this regimen. This sunscreen doubles as a makeup base too. It has that very smooth texture once applied.

ZO Skin Health Skin Care Results

The first two weeks of using the entire skin care, I experienced breakouts. It wasn’t so bad, but I rarely get pimples anymore. After the second week, my skin started to clear.

During my first week, I experienced redness, which is an expected reaction of ZO Medical products. Peeling is also expected and I experienced it throughout my use.

If there’s one thing I liked about this regimen, my oiliness really lessened. But I also noticed my skin looked dull and lost its natural glow. I could probably add a product to bring back the glow on my skin, but I didn’t had the chance to ask the dermatologist about it (since I was quite busy). Take note that every time you stop or add something to your regimen, it’s best to ask your dermatologist. There might be ingredients that could react badly when used together.

As for the pimple scars I’ve had, it lightened a bit after 2 months of use.

ZO Skin Health Skin Care Verdict and Recommendations

As mentioned previously, ZO Skin Health has a lot of products under them. Different product combinations can also have different effects. For my regimen, I felt it was quite harsh for my skin as it made my skin dull and dry. My skin was still flaking even after three weeks of use. It would have probably worked for really oily skin or I could have asked my dermatologist to do some adjustments. Unfortunately, I was quite busy and I was also abroad at the time of my treatment that I didn’t had the chance to visit my dermatologist. It is really recommended to have continuous consultation with the dermatologist throughout the process to monitor progress and to adjust the treatment wherever necessary. Therefore, if you’re going into the ZO Skin Health skin care regimen, make sure you have the time to visit your dermatologist regularly.

NOTE: Results may vary for every individual as we have different skin types and conditions. What may or may not work on me may not have the same results to others.

ZO is available in top derma clinics nationwide. For more information, contact the ZO hotlines: (+632)8876385 and (+63999)8857290. Also, you can follow them on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/pages/ZO-Skin-Health-Philippines/230073240371319) and Twitter (http://twitter.com/ZOSkinHealthPH).

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  • laika simpson

    is it okay that my skin gets painful when i put all that product on my face? it is bothering me. please reply.

  • lushangel

    It shouldn’t be painful. You can experience flaking. It’s best to ask your dermatologist about it so she could adjust the creams.

  • laika simpson

    Okay thank you! Normal lng ba yung pagbubutlig sa muka ko and sobrang makate? Hndi ko kase alam kung normal lng or baka allergy na. Please reply.

  • Alia Cortez

    Applying Tretinoin every night as opposed to every third night initially (as your provider should have advised), was the reason your skin was so dry and intolerable, not because of the ZO products. This is an amazing line. It’s sad when skewed reviews are published because a patient is not advised as to how to use the regimen properly, and thus uses the product incorrectly with unsatisfactory results.

  • Alia Cortez

    Your skin should never get painful if you are using the product correctly and in the right amount. A pea sized amount is all that is needed as these are very potent, concentrated products.

  • lushangel

    Hi Alia. Yes, that was the prescription of the dermatologist. But I’ve used Tretinoin of Belo Prescriptions and iSkin (wherein I was also advised to used everyday) and my skin was perfect. Well, we all have different reactions to different skin care. Unfortunately, ZO didn’t work for me. 🙁

  • Erica Johnson

    I have extremely oily skin and a lot of pimples and hyperpigmentation. I am African American with a caramel complexion. I was prescribed as follows to avoid drying me out. I also get chemical peels (vitapeel, every month). Foamacleanse to avoid drying me out, cebatrol morning and night, if too sensitive, reduce to once a day or none for that day, glycogent morning and night, melamin in the morning, melamix with retin a at night every other day for 2 weeks until my skin gets used to it, then every night, and o-clipse in the day when going outside. This has been the best regimen ever for me. I went to an event and got a free chemical peel coupon for later. I have been this regimen now for 2 weeks and my skin is great.. I see improvements already when nothing else has worked! You definitely should have contacted your dermatologist. The event I attended was hosted by a ZO rep and my aesthetician/nurse who performs my peels and dermasound was there. Together they put my regimen together as well as recommendations of “in case this happens”. I was recommended the vitascrub at a later time. I am so happy with my results so far and I hope that you can get the system tweaked to work for you. It’s really a regimen. Nothing helped me, no rx on the market ,duricef antibiotics, clindamycin, erythromycin, etc. This truly has been a good send for me. The pimples and hyperpigmentation are clearing beautifully. I wish you the best in your skin endeavors.

  • lushangel

    It’s great that this line worked for you! Yes, it could have worked if adjustments have been made. But for now, I’m really happy with iSkin. The entire regimen is quite similar. 🙂

  • Ma. Agatha España

    I don’t think this is a skewed review. I experienced the same thing and my aesthetician at Belo instructed me properly so you can’t tell me I wasn’t using it properly. ZO is an amazing line, yes, since it made my skin smoother when I started using it but let’s face it, not all ‘amazing’ products will have positive reviews.