Months ago I heard that Chris Brown is having a concert here in Manila on October. I have actually been receiving e-mails on ticket prices already, making my excitement even grow higher. Now that October is here, where the hell is Chris Brown?! BUT guess what I just discovered yesterday?! (Well, isn’t it obvious in my title… LOL!)

RIHANNA and CHRIS BROWN LIVE IN MANILA!!!! And yes, it is so damn true since Ticketworld already has an advertisement in their website. The teaser says that the most awaited concert will happen on November 16… So on a Sunday??? Hmmm… let’s just wait for more information or probably call Ticketworld in the number indicated below.





I am so exited about this concert that I have to share with you guys right away. I will definitely pay whatever the price of the tickets will be… Oh wait, let me get one thing straight… just not as expensive as the designer bags I’m eyeing for. *wink*


By the way, thanks for the information, Ed! You just don’t know how this news made my day. 🙂