Since my office moved location last March, I rarely visit Greenbelt anymore. For those who are not aware, Greenbelt, particularly Greenbelt 4, is the only mall in Manila that houses most of the best designer brands in town such as Louis Vuitton, Prada, Gucci, Burberry, Salvatore Ferragamo, and many more. Whew! It really feels like heaven in there! LOL!


Last Sunday, thankfully I got the chance to stroll around again since I had dinner there. And to my surprise, guess what I bumped to?! A Balenciaga store at Greenbelt 5! I was so thrilled that I went inside immediately. I was like a small kid tugging my mom to accompany me. To my dismay, the store had only a few bags left. All Motorcycle City bags were out of stock! There were two Motorcycle Giant City bags left, but I still prefer the City. Probably because the only noticeable difference between the two is that the City has brass hardware, while the Giant City has either palladium or gold plated hardware. And their price difference??? Well, the City costs Php 73,000 ($ 1,295) and the Giant City at Php 93,000 ($ 1,595). So that’s Php 20,000 already!. Perhaps if I will buy in the U.S. (which is most likely), I will have second thoughts given the somehow huge price disparity. 🙂 But if I am going back to Europe (hopefully next year!!!), that’s a different story since it is definitely way cheaper to buy such mouthwatering bags there. 🙂 

Balenciaga City vs. Giant City Motorcycle Bag

bag details from Balenciaga website

Balenciaga City Motorcycle Bag

City Motorcycle Bag

Balenciaga Giant City Motorcycle Bag

Giant City Motorcycle Bag