The theme of the Black and White Affair event of L’Oreal is pretty obvious. The name says it all- black and white! Since they were launching the Charcoal Black Foam Facial Wash and White Perfect Moisturizing Day Cream, they thought of the theme black and white (more about the event and the new products of L’Oreal in my previous post). All the bloggers were asked to come in fashionable black and white, and so this is what I thought of wearing…


I wore a lace top with a white tee underneath and partnered it with a high-waisted skirt. It actually looks like a one-piece dress. 🙂 That’s what I love about this skirt! I would use various blouses to pair with it and it would always look like a different dress. 🙂 It’s the fit of the skirt that makes it look like a dress. Since it’s a high-waisted skirt, it hugs the waist and the hips. Another tip to make your top and skirt look like a one-piece dress is to look monotonous. Use one color or at least similar shades. Of course, you can also be creative. You really don’t have to limit yourself to one color. It’s just the easiest way to create the illusion of the one-piece dress. If you decide to use a different color, make sure you can imagine those colors together in a dress. Also, use a blouse that has a nice fit. A fitted top is easier to tuck in a skirt and less likely to get messy when you move around. And of course, to hide the line that separates the top and the bottom, you can always clinch a belt around your waist! Viola! With one skirt, you can have several dresses by just using different tops. 🙂


I also love the details of this skirt. 😀 And guess what?! It’s not that expensive. I got it from Freeway, a local retail store here in Manila. I got it several months back and it’s more or less Php 1,000. I couldn’t remember the exact price, sorry! I have worn it several times in the office and until now it still looks brandnew. It hasn’t faded yet! I consider this skirt one of my favorites in my closet. 😀


Since I look like I’m wearing an all black dress, I decided to put on a white cardigan. I love the puff sleeves! I find it classy. 🙂

And again, I didn’t wear much accessories. Sometimes, less is more. 😀


On Lush Angel: Zara lace blouse; random white tank top; K.A.T. Collection cardigan; Freeway high-waisted skirt; New Look booties; Anne Klein earrings: H&M silver and gold bangles; Chanel Grand Shopping Tote; random necktie worn as a headband