Rewind to 2011. I witnessed Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards in Malaysia. For someone who only had 3 years blogging experience then, it was a dream come true to be part of such huge bloggers event abroad.



Fast forward to now. I’ve been blogging for almost 8 years now and I must say, it wasn’t an easy journey. There were moments I wanted to hibernate. But what gave me the drive to continue is my passion and love to share the beautiful things I discover every single day. This blog has been an online celebration of the good life, sending good vibes to everyone, especially to those who share the same interests as I do. Never have I imagined to be recognized in what I love to do. Of course, it’s a dream. But as they say, dreams do come true! Well, guess what?! For this year’s Nuffnang Awards, I’m nominated in the best beauty blogger category. Wow!!! I was ecstatic when the big news was revealed to me. To be a beauty blogger entails dedication. It takes a lot of time and effort to try and review each product – sharing my thoughts for a specific skincare product or makeup can take more than a month; taking a photo to show makeup or skincare results requires good lighting and equipment. So just imagine how it feels when hard work is finally recognized. *happy dance* Although my blog is not exclusively a beauty blog, I share anything and everything I consider beautiful. For me, beauty is not just about makeup and skincare. It can go beyond these and I would like to believe that there is beauty in everything, whether it be in fashion, travel, etc. And I really thank Nuffnang and everyone who supported and sticked with me throughout this journey.


To be part of Nuffnang’s roster of nominees is already an honor. But of course, it doesn’t hurt to dream big. Hehe! If my blog has helped or entertained you in any way, I would like to ask for your help to vote for me. Pretty please??? 🙂

How? There are 3 ways – Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Of course, you can also do all three.


To vote via Facebook, voters must post a status update that includes the hashtag of the nominee (eg. #NNGlamourGuruAngela) who they want to win the corresponding award and #Blogopolis4D. Users can also vote by liking on a post from the nominee.

Example status update: I vote for #NNGlamourGuruAngela for #NuffnangAwards2016 #Blogopolis4D.

* Limit one nominee’s hashtag per post
* Posts must be set to public


To vote via Twitter, users can tweet and retweet using the nominee’s hashtag (eg. #NNGlamourGuruAngela) and #Blogopolis4D. All tweets and retweets with the nominee’s name and hashtags will be counted at the end of the voting period.

Example tweet: I vote for #NNGlamourGuruAngela for #NuffnangAwards2016 #Blogopolis4D

* Limit one (1) nominee’s hashtag per tweet
* Posts must be set to public


To vote via Instagram, voters can post a picture of the nominee with his/her designated hashtag and #Blogopolis4D located in the caption. You can also vote by liking the nominee’s post about the Nuffnang Awards.

Example: post a photo and caption it with something like “I vote for #NNGlamourGuruAngela for #NuffnangAwards2016 #Blogopolis4D ”

* Photos must originate from user’s account.
* Limit one (1) nominee’s hashtag per post
* Posts must be set to public.

That’s it! Easy, right??? 😀

And more good news!!! You too can also attend #Blogopolis4D. For those who are wondering what is Blogopolis, it is the biggest blog and social media conference held annually by Nuffnang Philippines. Its fourth installment is set to happen on February 2016. Entitled “Blogopolis 4D”, the conference aims to engage Nuffnang’s community of bloggers and social media influencers by advancing their knowledge about the vital trends of the digital industry. It’s “4D” as it will tackle 4 important dimensions in this industry – Dialog (what are bloggers writing about), Diversity (getting to know the bloggers), Device (how to maximize the digital space for furthering your blog), and Direction (emerging digital practices in the Philippines). Therefore, it’s a perfect venue for the bloggers and companies to know more about digital media and even open great opportunities. For more information on ticket prices, you can check it out here:

I’m also giving away 5 tickets to #Blogopolis 4D! All you have to do is comment below with your name and e-mail address. (Ummm… oh and if you can vote for me too??? Hehehe!) I’ll raffle the tickets through and I’ll choose 5 winners. I’ll just send an e-mail directly to the winners on how to claim the tickets. Thank you!


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