2008 is coming to an end so that means a new planner for the new year! Soon coffee shops will start their yearly tradition of giving away 2009 planners. For sure, a lot of people will again be high in caffeine just to complete the stickers needed for those planners. But girls, girls, girls hold onto your horses as Belle de Jour Power Planner will be out very, very soon! As expected, Belle de Jour will be coming out with another gorgeous planner. And may I say that people who want to live lush-ciously should have this!!! Yup, that’s an order!!!

Why??? Well, as I sneaked through some of its pages, I can say that it is an ultimate flirty, girly, sexy and fun planner! The Belle de Jour Power Planner now has new features like health check list and dream board. It caters to both “time schedule planner” and “free space planner”. And the best part of all is it has now 60 coupons!!! Aldo, Chocolate, bYSI, All Flip-Flops, Havaianas, and Promod are only some of them. Having this kind of planner on hand will definitely help you in carrying on a lush-cious lifestyle!


Belle de Jour Planner


So don’t just sit there and wait for the planners to be available, which is approximately by the second week of November. RESERVE NOW! Yes, NOW since they are giving a 5% discount plus free delivery w/in the Philippines until October 30, 2008. The first 1,000 paid orders will even get a free Philosophy discount card. So, hurry up! 🙂