Trying to find a gorgeous casing for your new iPhone?! Look no more since this chic iPhone case is already here.

Diamond Casing for 3G iPhone

Go for the diamond series and you will surely be a head turner. Actually, this casing is made of hydrocarbon polymer. It comes in 5 colors. I especially love the ruby and rhodolite! And the price? Only $22.90 at More-Thing… So obviously it isn’t the real thing but it still is fashionable and serves the same purpose. 🙂

iPhone Case

BUT of course, there is also the real bling bling! The leather case is made of gold carbon fiber with 42 pieces of diamond encrusted in 18K gold. Whooow! Okay, now the price… $20,000!!! (That’s a lot of bags!) But if your bank account is overflowing, then check on Case-mate.

 iPhone case