I finally decided this morning to buy the Joy Boston Bag I posted yesterday. I actually gave a deadline to myself… that is if I don’t make up my mind today, I won’t get it anymore. But when I went to the website of Gucci this morning, the bag is gone!!! I just saw it last night and now it isn’t there anymore!!! PANIC! I honestly don’t know what to feel right now. I feel partly sad and regretful since that bag is such a great bargain! But at the back of my mind, maybe I should be thankful. It saved me from making another purchase, which I promised to be next year. Oh well, maybe the bag isn’t really for me. Hahaha! Come to think of it… It’s color white and knowing myself, it would get dirty in just a matter of weeks! And the next dilemma comes… How the hell should I clean it? Definitely my leather cleaner won’t work since it is a cloth-like material. Brushes might just ruin the fabric or discolor it. So maybe, just maybe, it’s a good thing that the bag is now gone… Well, at least I can save up for what I really, really like. Right? Right? Right? Good reasoning or am I just ranting here because I wasn’t able to get it???

But anyways, that was really close… *wink*