I know I’ve been posting about bags, bags, and more bags these past few days. Well, this is a life of a bagaholic. It is part of living lush-ciously (of course, I only speak for myself). Anyways, this is actually a delayed post. I know I promised (as seen in this post) to present my new baby as soon as I get hold of it. I’m kinda busy these days which is why I wasn’t able to take a picture of it right away. Below are some pictures though when I went out with my friends last Saturday.

To be honest, when I first opened the box, I found my Chanel PST quite small for me. Well, as I said before, I am into oversized bags. When some of my friends saw it, their general comment is “It’s sooo not you but it is very gorgeous!”. Yup, I admit the bag is sooo not me because people don’t see me wearing a bag that small. BUT when I first used it, surprisingly it can hold a lot of things! What’s even better is I can use it during the day and at night. No need to change bags!!! Now, I find its size so perfect for me! I so love my new Chanel PST!!!!

By the way, the one in the pictures is Abby, one of my bestfriends who is also a bagaholic. 🙂 She was using her Louis Vuitton Monogram Mini Lin that time which I also like! 🙂