Remember this post last week, wherein I was hoping to get free premier tickets for the movie Burn After Reading? Well, I am one of the lucky bloggers that was given 2 tickets! Yay! Thanks Nuffnang and congratulations to your first movie premier.

Anyways, if you want to see Brad Pitt and George Clooney doing comedy, I’d say you have to watch this movie! They really don’t exert too much effort to make people laugh maybe because people are not just used to seeing them doing such kind of movie. The way they act is enough to give the audience a good laugh. Surprisingly, I like the way they acted. Also, the twists on how the characters in the movie relate to each other is actually interesting. But as for the story, the only thing I could say is… it is kinda weird! I don’t know how to elaborate it any further but it is the kind of movie that you would say: “Huh? That’s it? So what’s the point?” Well, it doesn’t have sense at all, but sitting there and looking at funny Brad Pitt and George Clooney will definitely relax the girls. Hahaha! So even if I’d rate it only 3 out of 5, why would I still recommend Burn After Reading? Well, you would see a different Brad and George in this movie.  You’d be surprised yourself! 🙂 Check out the trailer below.