Finally, I’m sharing my Celine Micro Luggage Tote review. If you’ve noticed my OOTD posts lately, I’ve been using it frequently. Yes, it has become my fave tote to date. 😀 Well, I guess it deserves my attention because you don’t have any idea how long I’ve been wanting to get a Celine luggage tote!

When the Celine Mini Luggage Tote made a debut last 2010, I remember how much I lusted over it. I kept on searching the web for photos until one day, I saw it in person and held it on my arms. My Celine dream suddenly disappeared. The Mini isn’t actually a “mini”. It looks humongous when I carry it. Haha! Then came the Micro and my Celine dream was awakened once again. The size is definitely perfect for my petite built. But as expected, it was quite hard to find when it was first released. I would always look for it whenever I travel, but I’m always left with the Mini.

Fast forward to today, I finally have her for keeps after such a long wait. So now you understand why it has been used over and over again in my outfits. 😉


I got the Celine Micro Luggage Tote in smooth leather, which was not really my initial choice. I always prefer grained/drummed leather since it’s low maintenance. I’m really O.C. when it comes to my bags. I get bothered with the smallest scratch I see. This is why grained leather is always my first choice. Dirt and scratches are more visible on smooth leather. But the problem with grained leather in Celine luggage totes is that it loses its shape in time and it’s heavier. This led me to go for the smooth leather. I promised myself to be extra careful.


The Celine Micro Luggage Tote is meant to be held on its handle or placed on the arm. The short handles do not allow me to carry it on my shoulders. This is why I only use it for short walks or if I’m not carrying too much things.


Although it looks small, it’s actually very spacious. I can fit an iPad, camera, cellphone, huge wallet, and some more things. I don’t stuff it too much though as I’m afraid that the base could lose its shape in time because of the soft leather. Also, since the leather is smooth and soft inside, I suggest not to put sharp objects inside the bag. In fact, even keys can leave a mark so I suggest to put items with sharp edges inside a pouch.


There are little compartments inside the bag. There’s one zip pocket inside where you can place your parking ticket or other pieces of paper. There are also 2 more small pockets, which can fit a lipstick and probably your car key. The zip pocket in front is almost not useable. If you have a lot of small stuff, you can use a bag organizer to easily find your things.


I love this color, which they call Almond. Again, this wasn’t my first choice. I wanted to get a bright-colored bag. But when I saw Almond, it’s a very unique shade. It can look green or grey depending on the lighting. Surprisingly, it goes well with almost anything! It’s like a basic color! 😀 But of course, because it’s on a lighter shade, it can easily attract dirt. Extra care must be done.

Celine Micro Luggage Tote prices vary depending on the color and the leather. There was a price increase this year (2014) on Celine bags and currently the Celine Micro Luggage Tote is around USD 3,100.


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