In case you still haven’t noticed from my social media accounts (Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook), I’m starting to get into fitness for the past couple of months – in fact, almost a year now. Going to the gym is now part of my lifestyle. Looking after my health is now a priority. It all started when I needed to prepare for my Nepal trip. I would admit, it scared the hell out of me. That was going to be my first trail. And who would want to give up in a middle of a hike?! Months before the trip, I trained to prepare myself physically and mentally.


Well, this also led me to becoming a sneakerhead. Don’t ask how many sneakers or rubber shoes I own because I honestly don’t have that much, especially when compared to the collectors out there. I just can’t believe I own a couple of pairs now – and wear it even outside the gym! When I was in school, I only have one pair of rubber shoes for my Physical Education class (just because it was required to wear one). I can’t remember buying a rubber shoes after that. Alright, maybe once just because my friends were into running a few years back. Call it peer pressure. Fast forward to today, I can’t believe that from someone who doesn’t want to get involve in any kind of sports (except for surfing, which was my only physical activity before), going to the gym and hiking are now part of my lifestyle. From heels and sandals, to sneakers and rubber shoes.

I’ve been hearing good reviews about Saucony’s shoes. They’re actually very popular among runners. I’ve been wanting to try one since my friend who uses Saucony has been telling me that it’s his most comfortable running shoes. He likes to wear it during long walks and travels. He even used it in one of his hikes. Therefore, when Saucony recently launched their newest technology, I knew I had to go.


Saucony unveiled the new EVERUN, its most advanced technology to date highly anticipated by runners everywhere.


“EVERUN™ is not only a game-changer for us but for the industry as well,” said Patrick O’Malley, senior vice president of global product for Saucony. “Runners are once again responding to the benefits of cushioning, including increased energy return and underfoot comfort. One of the primary objectives in the development of EVERUN™ was to deliver a continuous cushioning experience to runners, combining smoother landings in the heel with reduced pressure in the forefoot.

“Our designers came up with a fundamentally new approach we call Topsole™, a breakthrough construction process that positions our best cushioning material closer to the foot. The result is that EVERUN™ delivers the same plush feel in mile one as mile twenty, continuously giving back to runners, especially at the end of the run when they need it most,” added O’Malley.

What makes Saucony EVERUN unique?

Lower peak pressures. EVERUN™’s revolutionary Topsole construction process positions a 3mm layer of Saucony’s revolutionary EVERUN foam material closer to the foot, directly under the footbed, instead of embedding it in the midsole below a layer of rigid cement like other regular shoes. This construction process distributes propulsion force over more area, reducing uncomfortable local peak pressures while delivering a dramatically more lively and responsive ride.


Absorbs impact. The EVERUN™ Landing Zone and heel insert provide remarkable impact protection, maintaining cushioning properties three times longer than standard EVAs while returning 83% of the energy absorbed, according to research in the Saucony Human Performance and Innovation Lab, a state-of-the-art facility in the US that tests prototypes and does research on runners of all varieties, including the brand’s elite athletes.

Typical EVA foam heats up, getting softer the longer the run just when the body fatigues and needs impact protection the most. The EVERUN™ technology addresses this breakdown of cushioning and consequently, joint protection, in running shoes during the entire course of a run.


Saucony’s award-winning and flagship shoes are all getting an EVERUN update – Triumph ISO 2, Hurricane ISO 2, Kinvara 7, and Guide 9.




During the launch, the brand also presented their ambassadors, which include celebrity and athlete Matteo Guidicelli. He uses Saucony from his races to his everyday activities sporting the brand’s wide collection of stylish performance and lifestyle footwear. Currently, he is using Saucony’s Triumph ISO 2 which carries the EVERUN continuous cushioning.



Saucony brand ambassadors



Looking at Saucony’s line up with EVERUN Continuous Cushioning, it is definitely perfect for those who are always on the run – and I just don’t mean real runners. Whether you are a seasoned runner preparing for a race or a casual sports enthusiast who simply enjoys an active lifestyle, Saucony has both style and performance to make sure nothing will slow you down. Hmmm… now I can’t wait to get my first pair of Saucony!

Experience EVERUN™ Continuous Cushioning in Saucony Stores Glorietta 3, TriNoma, UP Town Center, and leading sports specialty shops Runnr, Sports Central, Toby’s, Olympic Village, Olympic World, as well as Robinsons Department Store Manila, Landmark TriNoma, and SM Department Stores nationwide.

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