One night, my mom knocked on my door and entered saying- “You won’t receive any gifts from me anymore this Christmas.” I looked at her with a puzzled face. Well, it’s not really surprising ‘coz she always say that line every single year! She would consider our annual trips abroad her gifts to us. I’m not complaining. In fact, for me, it’s more than enough. Travelling has been our passion and it has become addicting to some extent. Hehe! So who am I to demand more gifts? But knowing my mom, come Christmas day, she always manages to give us more surprises. She will always be my loving and generous mom. Hehe! πŸ™‚ But hearing her say those words right when she got home and just out of the blue seemed really odd. All of a sudden, she pulled something behind her back. When I saw the paper bag, I started screaming and jumping! I opened it and…


It was my dream Mulberry Oversized Alexa Bag!!!

Again, I heard a loud knock. I suddenly opened my eyes and saw my mom. I got confused until I realized that everything was just a dream! Well, I waited for my mom to bring out a bag behind her. You know, my dream could be some foreshadowing of what is bound to happen. LOL! Too bad, there was really no Mulberry paper bag. There was really no Mulberry Oversized Alexa. Everything was really just a dream that felt so real! πŸ™

I know this sounds pathetic, but when I’m in love with a bag, I dream of it almost every night. I admit, I’m part of the crazy world of baghags but I guess I already have tamed a lot when it comes to the addiction. Probably, it’s because I’m quite satisfied already with my small collection. πŸ™‚ I have already aquired most of the must-have bags I really wanted to own (for now). Of course, I still have a number on my list, but that could wait. I promised myself to purchase my bags only when I travel abroad. And yeah, part of my list is that Mulberry Oversized Alexa bag, which I’ve been dreaming of these days. Geeesh! That’s bad! When I dream on a specific bag over and over again, I end up getting it. I’m not really planning on purchasing one until next year though. I’ve spent to much on gadgets during the latter part of the year so I don’t want any big spending anymore until the year ends. Besides, I’ve been eyeing on getting some other bag next year when I have the chance to travel. Mulberry isn’t really on my priority list right now. But how am I going to stop dreaming about that Mulberry Oversized Alexa?! The answer- satisfying this craving with a…

Forever 21 satchel ala Mulberry Alexa… LOL! πŸ˜€


Yes, you read that right! This is just from Forever 21. πŸ™‚ It may not be the real thing. In fact, it has a lot of differences, like the handle, the locket and the leather (of course), so it’s not really a Mulberry Alexa knock off. Haha!Β It may not completely satisfy my Mulberry craving, but I’m totally in love with its style and color. I have been using it as an everyday bag these days. I love that I don’t have to worry too much that it might get scratched or something. Plus, I can even carry it by hand or on my shoulder. πŸ™‚


Oh, and if you saw my Facebook Page (if you haven’t added me, please do “Like” my facebook page,, I mentioned last week that I’ve been longing for this bag. This particular bag ran out of stock at Forever 21 here in Manila. The SA told me that it’s highly unlikely that they would reproduce it. πŸ™ My friend, Tel, even searched for it over the internet and saw one selling it on ebay at a higher price. Well, we weren’t that desperate! Hello, that’s already used and a Forever 21 satchel with a premium?! Are you okay?! Months have passed and I completely forgot about that bag already. One day, I saw my co-fashionista blogger, Ava, giving an update that she saw the Mulberry-like bag back at Forever 21! Oh gosh, you should have seen my face lit up! πŸ˜€ When she said that there are only 3 stocks left at the store, I rushed to Forever 21 2 days after. I actually thought I won’t get hold of that bag ever again since I wasn’t able to visit the store right away. I sort of lost hope already. That’s the reason why I was uber happy when I still saw 2 pieces left during my visit! πŸ˜€ I immediately got the 2 and paid for it. The other one I bought for my friend. πŸ™‚


This bag is nothing biggie, I know. It’s not a designer bag that costs hundreds or thousands of dollars, but for some reason, I’m just really into it! Probably it’s because I once wanted it so badly but knew I won’t ever have it (since I was already informed that the store doesn’t really do repeat orders). Then, after a few months, I saw it in stock. It was probably just the anticipation that hyped up my excitement when I bought it. LOL! πŸ˜€


Oh and believe it or not, I haven’t dreamt of the Mulberry Oversized Alexa yet since I got this! LOL! πŸ˜€