chanel silver or gold hardware

Silver hardware or gold hardware? That is the question! A question that every Chanel shopper faces before purchasing those luscious bags… Since I am Lush Angel, I want to live up with my name by being an angel to those who are confused whether to buy the silver or the gold hardware. A confusion that I, myself, went through. So what made me decide?

Okay, first it seems that I did not have any choice. When fashion juice ordered it online for me, we actually did not know what kind of PST it was. She tried to call Neiman Marcus but the SA wasn’t sure as well if it is timeless, if it has gold or silver hardware. So what was I thinking then? What the heck?! It’s still Chanel!

When the bag arrived at fashion juice’s place and saw the pictures of it, I was like star struck! Hahaha! It was only after the bag was bought that I realized how much I liked the silver hardware. I was actually hoping for a gold hardware. But thinking about it, I actually needed a silver hardware to match my white gold jewelries since I already have a Louis Vuitton Damier and Monogram to match my yellow golds. Hint. Hint. You also have to think of what bags you lack in terms of the accessories you wear. If you are wearing more of yellow gold jewelries, then go for the gold hardware. On the other hand, if you have more silver or white gold accessories, then the silver hardware is the right bag for you. But if you are like me who wears both kinds of accessories, then opt for the bag you lack. Since I already have a number of bags in shades of brown and gold hardware and only a few in silver, then my PST will definitely serve me well!

In my opinion, gold is very elegant. In fact, for me, gold equates to elegance or glamour. This is why I’d like to reserve that gold hardware for my flap bag. Since my PST is more for my casual get-ups or occasional night outs, silver is perfect for the bigger bag. Again, only my opinion… silver looks more casual to me. Then, for my night outs and parties, I’m dreaming of a black flap bag in gold hardware. Oh my, here I go again…

Well, I hope that somehow I was able to help those who are so puzzled with this mind bugling question: Silver hardware or gold hardware? For those who still can’t decide, then buy 2 bags in different styles! Actually, to make things easier for everyone, both are really gorgeous! Forget about the gold or the silver! Chanel is Chanel! The hardware would not take off its worth! *wink*