For most bag collectors, Hermes Birkin is definitely a must-have bag. It is actually part of the must-haves in Nina Garcia’s books (The Little Black Book of Style and The One Hundred). Well, as much as I want to have one, I just don’t think it’s practical to shell out more than $10,000 for a bag. Ummm… not that I’m saying that buying a Chanel or Louis Vuitton is practical. Okay, let me just rephrase what I said. Getting a Hermes Birkin is far more impractical compared to other designer bags. Hehe! Well, don’t get me wrong. I’m not totally against buying Birkin. In fact, I dream and hope that someday when I walk around malls, events and parties, I’ll be carrying the Queen of all Bags- Hermes Birkin! So if you have moolah to spare, why not?! I just find it impractical for me now. I mean in my current state since I still have a number of bag priorities on my list. Well, honestly, I completely stopped myself from dreaming about B since the price is way too expensive. I just think it’s too much. I might be accused of having psychological problems when I spend that much for one bag. BUT (oooh this BUT seems to be extremely bad…) when I saw the video clip below, my heart started to LOVE Queen B! And now, I think I need one in the future. Yes, in the far future. It’s like one of the things I need to have before I die. Hehe! How morbid! Well, as of now, that’s how I feel. My mind might change… to 2…or 3…or 4 Hermes Birkins. Hehe! It’s not bad to dream… Haha! 🙂 But anyway, what made me decide to make Hermes, particularly Birkin, part of my wish list and what makes Hermes bags so expensive? Well, aside from the fact that it’s the Holy Grail of bags, Hermes Birkin is really done the old fashion way- I mean all hand-made. I already knew that it’s hand-made but after seeing the video, I never thought they actually do ALL the sewing by hands. And take note, it’s not ordinary sewing! Of course, the bag has to be durable. If you take a look how each of the bags are made, you’ll surely be amazed. I, myself, was so surprised on how much they pay close attention to every detail and how much time they spend on one bag. Now, I totally understand why Hermes bags are sooo expensive. The 5 years wait (yes, 5 LOOONG YEARS!) from the time you order one Birkin to actually getting hold of it and bringing it home is no surprise after all if you see how Hermes bags are made. Oh, and as for the more than $10,000 price tag? Are you kidding me? After seeing the video, the hefty price is actually justifiable! Now I can say that I am now ready to own one… only if I had the money… Hehe! 🙂

By now, you are probably eager to watch the video. I’m sorry if I babble too much… just got too excited. Hehe! Anyways, here it is… Enjoy! 🙂