I am one of those accessory freaks. Yeah, I know I seem to collect a lot of things- from bags, shoes, clothes, sunglasses, etc. Well, for those who don’t understand, it’s a girl thing and a love for fashion thing. LOL! 🙂 But I used to collect different kinds of accessories. I have tons and tons of them. Most of which I don’t buy. Hahaha! It is actually my mom and my aunt who loves shopping for accessories. For more than 4 years now, they never fail to buy accessories EVERY SUNDAY. And since they know I collect as well, they always buy for me too. And take note, the accessories they love are not the simple ones. There are those that came from Tibet, India, and others that produce “exotic” accessories. Hehehe! Prices vary. It can go as low as Php 500 ($10) to as high as Php 20,000 ($400). More than that is too much. They’d rather buy the real thing or the precious stones, which are also part of their jewelry addiction (Well, I think all women, or let me say MOST women, have a thing with diamonds and pearls right?). So okay, maybe by now you guys know where I got my addiction for so many things! LOL! 🙂

Anyway, with the tons of accessories I have collected for how many years now, I really need to be organized! Of course, I have jewelry cases for my precious jewelries, which most of them my mom keeps. But for my various accessories in different colors and styles, they are such a mess! If you go inside my pad, I’m like a store selling bags, shoes, plus the accessories all over the place! I have 2 huge plastic containers, 1 big accessory box made of wood and a hard case, all of which are full of accessories. For those that don’t fit in these containers anymore, they are just scattered on the tables. Hahaha! So probably, you get the picture that I don’t get to wear everything. I’m used to grabbing the accessories I first see, especially if I’m in a hurry. So what do I need??? An accessory organizer- something that can help me see my collection easily and so that my well-organized sister won’t get mad at me. As I was browsing through PB teen yesterday to look at polka dot stuffs I featured here, I saw the lovely jewelry or accessory organizers they are selling! Oh, I need a lot of those! They are so gorgeous! And what’s even better is everything can be displayed properly that I don’t have to dig into those boxes I have! Oh, I just can imagine these jewelry holders inside my pad! It would now look like a beautiful store showcasing my collection. Click on the photo below to see what I’m talking about. By the way, this is also a great Christmas present for your mom, sister, aunt, or girlfriends. The prices of these accessory organizers range from $15 to $59. Check the website of PB teen to see some of their sale items!

accessory organizer