15 days to go and it’s hello 2009! Some people believe that wearing polka dots at the start of the year can bring you good luck and lots of money for the rest of the year.  Whether it be true or not, it would not hurt to try it, right?  But why not try putting those lovely polka dots at home for the whole year round instead of just wearing them for a day?  Who knows, maybe more moolah will enter your house? LOL! 🙂

As I surf through the internet, I stumbled into the website of PB teen with a number of polka dot items! They are all so cute! But of course, before buying anything, make sure it matches the theme of your house or your other decorations. Click on “Read the rest of this entry” to take a look at the dotted stuffs I saw…

Need a chair for your game room or entertainment room? Seat comfortably in these chairs! If you find them cute, buy them now as they are on sale! These are now priced at $349 each, originally $399.

polka dot chair

Love to go camping or simply sleep anywhere? Get this really pretty sleeping bag for only $99. If you want to match it with a pillowcase, grab one for $15.

polka dot sleeping bag

Now, for your bed. Remember, it plays a big part of setting up the mood of the entire room. Good thing PB teen offers a variety of dotted bed sheets, blankets, pillowcases and duvet covers so you can choose a number of colors and styles. Click on the pictures below to see some of them. Oh by the way, some of them are also on sale! 🙂

Polka Dot Sheet Set  Polka Dot Sheet Set Polka Dot Sheet Set

Polka Dot Sheet Set Polka Dot Sheet Set Polka Dot Duvet Cover

Polka Dot Duvet Cover Polka Dot Duvet Cover Polka Dot Duvet Cover

Polka Dot Duvet Cover Polka Dot Blanket