I’m one of those who bring the entire cabinet inside the car. Haha! I just feel incomplete if I do not have extra clothes, shoes, bag, accessories, and makeup inside my car. It always happens when I suddenly need to change for an impromptu dinner with friends because I’m wearing something very casual. So, to make sure I’m always ready, I bring extras. And to add to my mini cabinet, my car has a lot of press kits from events and Christmas gifts I’m currently distributing and receiving. Now you can imagine the mess! It’s a car turned to a two-seater “ala sports car” vehicle. LOL! Please don’t judge me!!! 😀 😀 😀 I live in a condominium which is why it is so hard for me to go back and forth just to bring down all my stuff. But but but, I now have a life changing solution! Ha! I just discovered about this “trunk organizer” from my friend.


Have you heard anything like it? Basically, it’s a very spacious bag so you can literally throw in whatever’s inside your car. It doesn’t take too much space too since it’s made of canvas. The base is not made of hard surface. You can flatten it, fold it, or use up all the space of the bag. The material is also easy to clean. You can soak it in water with laundry soap to get rid of dirt, then let it dry. Well, of course, it’s not limited to a trunk organizer. It’s actually a carry-all bag, which you can use anytime, anywhere.


And because ladies want it cute and feminine, it comes in different prints! Yay! 😀


Just thought of rushing this post since I’m quite sure there are still a lot out there who are doing their last minute Christmas shopping. It’s a nice Christmas gift idea! 😀 It’s priced at PHP 480 each. For orders, you can follow @Littlebow_shop on Instagram or e-mail [email protected]


Well, by the looks of my car right now, I think I need to get more than one! Haha! Anyway, Merry Christmas and enjoy your last minute shopping! 😀

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