Merry Christmas everyone! Sorry for being MIA for the past few days. The past weeks were quite hectic for me. Aside from celebrating Christmas parties here and there, work was overwhelming for me. Anyway, let’s focus on the brighter side.  More than the festive vibe and people being extra nice (hehe), I love get-togethers and reunions during this season. Here’s a photo dump of how I spent the Christmas season.

The first Christmas dinner I attended was with my Sample Room family held at Maria Luisa’s Garden Room.

It was also a celebration of Sample Room’s 2nd year anniversary! 😀 Wow! Congratulations to my Sample Room family! We’re getting bigger and stronger every year! 😀


Beauty Bloggers went on a day off one Saturday night. I usually see these beautiful ladies during events. We decided to take off our beauty blogger hats and get together as real friends.Beauty-bloggers-manila

We celebrated our Christmas dinner at Nest. It was my first time here and their food is the bomb! 😀

Foie Gras



Well, we can’t really remove our beauty blogger hats. Our theme for the night? Paint the town red with our red lippies! Can you spot which one is mine? 😉

Because we missed each other after our Boracay trip, the crew celebrated Christmas at Best Western Hotel in Makati.

Since Best Western Hotel is just a minute walk to Century Mall, we decided to eat dinner at Hole in the Wall.

It was a staycation with loads of fun- from our dinner, to drinking games, to a night that we can barely remember (blame Johnnie!) LOL! 😀

I spent my last weekend before Christmas at Rockwell for another staycation. Again, it was an epic night with these crazies.


Then, I had my post-Christmas get together with CSA (grade school and high school) friends. Plus, one of us is getting hitched soon so it was also her bridal shower! 😀

Our tea party turned into an ice cream party…

Pen Pals! Ummm… We weren’t even able to eat half of it!

Of course, I celebrated Christmas with my family. After hearing mass, we had our traditional Christmas Eve dinner.

And because I’m still kid at heart, I still wait for 12 midnight before unwrapping my gifts! 😀 😀 😀


If you’ve been following me on Instagram (lush_angel), you’ve probably seen that my Smart family already gave their early Christmas gift. Thanks again, Smart! 😀

Oooh, big thanks to my nephews for my personalized chocolates! 😀 Not everyone knows I’m actually a “Phoebe”! Yup, that’s my nickname! 😀

My Happy Skin family served their must-haves on a silver platter. Thank you for this limited ed set! 😀

Yay to more travel brushes from Charm!!! I always bring Charm travel brushes in my bag, in my travels, and even in my car! 😀

My Unilever family never fails to surprise me! Thank you sooo much!!! 😀


But of course, Christmas is not all about parties, reunions, or gifts. There’s something more exciting than all these. It is the birth of Jesus and it is the main reason why we are celebrating Christmas. And as a reminder, my family welcomed carolers at home for a very touching reenactment of the birth of Jesus.

Happy birthday, Papa Jesus! Have a merry and wonderful Christmas to all! 😀

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