One of my family’s all-time favorite places to eat is the Intercontinetal Hotel located at Makati City. I remember when I was still a kid, we never fail to eat their yummy Mango Crepe and ice cream every Sunday afternoon. But what I was more excited back then is where we sit to enjoy our orders. We were always seated at the structures of jeepneys (a famous public transportation here in the Philippines) inside Intercon’s coffee shop. But since the buffet of Circles and Heat of Makati Shangri-la and EDSA Shangri-la, plus Mandarin Hotel and Heritage Hotel became popular, it has been awhile now since we last ate at Intercon. But last New Year ’s Eve was like a déjà vu for me. We spent the whole evening at Intercon enjoying their surprisingly yummy buffet. Hehehe! Why surprising? Of course, I never thought that Intercontinental Hotel’s buffet can be as delicious as Circles or Heat. But as expected, the choices of the main dishes are not that many. In fact, there were more choices of desserts compared to the main courses. Well, maybe that explains why I love their buffet. LOL! But really over-all, I’m giving a 3 out of 5 rating for their buffet. Their price is also relatively cheaper compared to other hotels that night. We all know how hotels exceptionally increase their buffet prices every Christmas’ and New Year’s Eve. Our dinner was quite pricey but I’d say it’s still worth the money. Besides, it is a special occasion so forget about the prices!

Here are some of the foods I got. Of course, choices on the buffet table were not limited to these. Pardon the pictures. Some have bad lighting making the food look unappetizing, but they are in fact very yummy. Oh, except for their Rib Eye Steak which I somehow got disappointed. I love steak but this one did not pass my taste buds. It wasn’t that juicy and soft. Good thing there were other dishes that I found really delicious, like the Lapu-Lapu and Shabu-Shabu which are really worth mentioning. Yum Yum!

intercon buffet appetizer

intercon buffet main course

intercon buffet desserts