One of the things I spend a lot on (aside from bags) is my hair. I probably have tried all sorts of styles and colors. Since I was a kid up until my high school years, I always had short hair. Year after year, I sported different styles of short hair. Some I miss and some I’d rather forget. LOL! 🙂 But when I went to college, I started to grow my hair long. God knows how hard it was for me to avoid the parlor to have my haircut. Probably this is the reason why I never cut my hair short ever again. As much as I want to and with the numerous times I have attempted to cut it short again, I always end up having a trim only. This is because I always remember the days I itch to visit the parlor to get a haircut but still have to control myself just to grow it long. Oh, such a terrible feeling for me! So now I always end up having different styles of long hair- one length, minimal layers, drastic layers, full bangs, semi-bangs, and no bangs. But I still find styling long hair very simple or rather boring because of the minimal choices. Actually, there may be a wide variety of styles but for some reason, whatever style they do to my hair, they somehow look the same. Because of this, I end up doing all sort of things to my hair. And this costs me a lot.

Since I was in high school, I love having my hair dyed. My hair is actually black but I am never contented with it. I find it quite boring in time so I have done a lot of coloring with my hair- from shades of brown, red, purple, and back to black. Hair color really does make a big difference to someone’s looks. If your features are somehow strong, coloring the hair (and of course the brows) with a lighter shade of brown can tone down these strong features. Oh, I love the magic of colors! LOL! But then all throughout college, hair dye did not stop me from experimenting. I started getting hook with highlights and lowlights. Oh you should see me before! I have all sorts of color on my crowning glory and I honestly miss it! My hair went through a lot, I tell you- from 2 shades, 3 shades, up to 4 shades! Imagine, I had blonde, caramel, red and dark brown all in one time! Yah, no kidding! And you can’t imagine how much I spent for that! I was crazy then… I paid 10 GRAND for it!!! In fact, whenever I get highlights, the lowest bill I pay for is around 5 grand and it goes higher and higher. The longer the hair, the more color they use, the more expensive it costs. I always had my highlights and lowlights done at Salon de Manila, which could be really expensive when it comes to coloring. That’s because they are really known for their style on hair coloring. In fact, most Filipino celebs have their hair colored there. Actually, in my opinion, it’s definitely justifiable if I spend thousands and thousands of pesos when it comes to hair. This is my crowning glory after all! I don’t wanna take chances just to save a few hundreds or thousands. Trust the experts—this is what I believe in. So, I let my stylist do his thang. Hmmm… now I’m starting to miss those highlights! Actually, I’m blogging about this hair color thing because I’m really thinking of getting red highlights again. I had my color changed right before New Year- from brown to brownish red. Take a look at what I have now… (sorry, picture is quite blurry)

Hmmm… I think this would be nicer if I get some streaks… Hehehe! Geeesh! Another cash out! Well, that’s why I need to think it over… LOL! 🙂