13inch macbook proSince I have already discussed in Part 1 the more technical side of this new 13-inch aluminum MacBook Pro, let me now give you my opinion based on my short experience with my 13-inch Aluminum MacBook Pro. 🙂

So how’s the over-all performance?

Let me just say that the money I spent for this hunk is definitely worth every single cent. 🙂 It’s a lot faster than my current laptop. I am not even thinking of upgrading its specs, such as the memory. The specs are just right for me since I’m no programmer. I’m just a mere blogger and an extensive internet user. My minimal photo editing needs is well-fulfilled by my MacBook. During the few times I have used this babe, I can say that this 13-inch MacBook Pro exceeded my expectations. I really thought it would run a bit slow since I’m fond of opening a lot of applications all at the same time, but no! My MacBook Pro can still run smoothly. I’m impressed! 🙂 

As for my worry before regarding the Windows applications I use, there’s always a work around in everything. The Microsoft office can easily be answered through iWork. You would have to pay for that application, though. The bottom line, the applications that I use in my previous laptop also have an Apple version. 🙂

Eeeek, I just need to mention this since I’m new to Mac. I super love its multi-touch trackpad! 🙂 It’s precise and I love the different finger movements, such as the two-finger scrolling, rotate, tap, double-tap, swipe, three-finger swipe, four-finger swipe, etc. So hi-tech! Hahaha! Sorry, I’m new to Mac and I find that really amazing. 🙂

Is the 13-inch aluminum MacBook Pro heavy? And is the size perfect or is it quite small?

Now, for most women out there, this is the usual question. Okay, let me give you the exact measurements first to give you an idea. It weighs 4.5 pounds. It has a height of 0.95 inch, width of 12.78 inches, and depth of 8.94 inches.

The moment I carried this 13-inch MacBook Pro out of the store, I was really surprised on how light it is! I was able to carry the 13-inch white MacBook and it’s quite heavy. This aluminum 13-inch MacBook Pro is not! I’m petite and I need a laptop that I could carry around on my own, especially now that Arthur is leaving in a few months. I couldn’t do that with my HP. I feel there’s like gold somewhere in that laptop whenever I have to bring it somewhere. My fragile arms couldn’t carry such weight! Thankfully, my 13-inch MacBook Pro is light enough for me to carry it wherever I go. 🙂

Some may think that the 13.3-inch display is quite small, but I actually find it the other way around. Probably, most girls would agree on me on this, except for those who work as fulltime programmers or media editors. Plus, it doesn’t really look like the 13-inch LCDs of other laptops since it’s wide screen.

Comparing the 13-inch and the 15-inch aluminum MacBook Pro, I honestly find the latter so manly, which is why the 15-inch MacBook Pro of my Ahiya is just so perfect for him! I honestly couldn’t carry the 15-inch just about anywhere. Plus, with the price of my Ahiya’s laptop, I’d rather add a little more on his US $2,000 15-inch MacBook Pro and get a Chanel GST. LOL! 🙂

With what I have, now I can blog on the go! I’m still thinking though if I could carry it around when I travel. I’m scared! I have my tote, DSLR, two or three luggages, then I’m going to add more to my load?! Eeeek! That’s a nightmare! 🙂

Why is the MacBook Pro for the environmentalists?

Okay, this is the best part. Apple claims that the aluminum MacBook Pro has features that reduces impact to the environment, such as Mercury-free LED-backlit display, highly recyclable aluminum and glass enclosure, arsenic-free display glass, etc. See, with the new MacBook Pro, you get satisfied with its performance, at the same time, you’re doing good for the environment! 🙂

I need to cut this MacBook Pro review now. Tomorrow is another day! Know the bad side of this 13-inch aluminum MacBook Pro, how much, and where I bought it in tomorrow’s post. 🙂