Happy Valentines Day to everyone! 🙂

Expect traffic to be really bad tonight and expect all restaurants to be jampacked! This shouldn’t stop you from going out tonight, though. Make this day special! Oh, and who said Valentines Day is only for those with boyfriend/ girlfriend and husband/ wife??? It’s a day to celebrate with all the people you love! As for me, Valentines Day has always been a family day. We celebrate this very special day together. I’m actually excited since we are going to try out this new restaurant in Eastwood. I just hope we will be able to get seats later! And for all the single ladies and gents, there are a lot of parties out there! Go out with friends! It’s Saturday night so don’t waste the chance to meet new people.

Again, Happy Hearts Day to all of you! 🙂 Enjoy the rest of the day!


Lush Angel 🙂

P.S. Sorry for not posting for the past two days. I was on training again and damn, it was extremely exhausting (not physically… hehehe)!!!!!! Geesh! My brain cells… I think they ran out of oxygen by the end of the day! LOL!  🙂