As I have posted before, the new Eastwood mall has already opened but I haven’t gone back there not until last Saturday. I know I just need to cross the street, but sometimes when you want to shop or dine, you just want to be in some other area other than where you live. Since my family and I are going to try out this new restaurant in Eastwood, I didn’t have any choice. It was a good decision, though. I didn’t have to go through the heavy Valentines-and-Saturday-night traffic and I was able to reserve a table early on for us. While we were waiting for our reservation time, we decided to go around the mall first. There are more stores open now compared to my last visit, which was last November. My oh my… I now have another favorite mall in the metro! Why?!

  • First, the mall only has a few people, which is one of the important things for me. Okay, I’m no “pop” candy, as per Flair Candy’s definition here. LOL! I’m just not fond of crowded malls, no matter how big the place is or how complete the stores are. I’m so uncomfortable and I get dizzy right away when I see a lot of people. Actually, this sickness of mine is quite weird. I fainted a number of times while hearing mass in a crowded church, but I never get dizzy when I go to jam packed bars like Embassy (exception: when I get tipsy or drunk… hahaha!)
  • Next, the new Eastwood mall has a lot of nice stores in it. Okay, what’s “nice” for me? Well, I meant the usual stores I go to are there! It’s like Podium but a bit bigger or like a smaller Shangri-la Plaza mall. Some of the stores found in Eastwood mall are: Nine West, Springfield, Jessica, Bayo, Folded and Hung, Maldita, Celine, Fully Booked, Face Shop, Body Shop, Beauty Bar (with Dashing Diva), Calvin Klein, Superga, Jump, Plains and Prints, Luca, Samsonite, Aerosoles, Steve Madden, Topshop, Mango, etc.,. etc., etc. There is also a store called 158 Designer Blvd., where different designer brands are being sold. Some of the designer brands are Gucci, Diesel, Anne Klein, Ralph Lauren, Marc by Marc Jacobs, and many more! See what I mean by a nice and complete mall?!
  • Another thing, the new Eastwood mall will be having a new movie theater. I love watching at Eastwood. The seats are relaxing and it’s way cheaper compared to other movie theaters like the one in Greenbelt and in Greenhills. Well, I just hope that they won’t increase their prices when it opens.

EDIT: The new movie theater will probably be more expensive since I was just informed that they will have a cinema with lazy boy seats. Hmmm… that’s not bad at all! I’d pay for the premium to make my movie experience more relaxing! Well, I will just update you once the theater is open.

  • Eastwood mall caters for kids too! Like I’ve told you earlier, it is a “complete” mall. There is an inflated play area just in front of the mall entrance. Plus, Time Zone is just located at the 4th floor where the kids can play their favorite video games. In deed a family oriented mall!
  • Lastly and the most important factor for my family, it has a lot of new restaurants! You know how my family loves eating out. Eating at home seems to be so boring for us no matter how good our cook is, which is why my parents tend to call for deliveries even after eating dinner at home. Restaurants found in the new Eastwood mall are those that you don’t usually find anywhere. Yay! At least we now have a lot of restaurants to try out in the neighborhood.

Oh… my… gawd! I don’t know if this is a good thing or a bad thing, but everything I need is in Eastwood already! Panic!!! If I feel stressed out from work, I can easily have my retail therapy. No need to drive, which is what I hate doing. Well, just because I’m lazy to do so… you know… I hate the bad and stressful traffic. Now that I’m liking this mall in front of my pad… ooohhh such a bad idea… I have to anticipate the pain in my pocket that this mall will cause me! Argh! I really have to tell my mom to stop investing in condominiums in front of malls! I don’t know but she has a thing with that. I just can imagine myself if I transfer to Greenbelt by 2010. I think that’s a huge OUCH! BUT I’m not complaining… LOL! Just in case my mom is reading this. *wink*