As seen in my previous post, Heidi Klum unveiled Victoria’s Secret Perfect One bra at Los Angeles, and have you noticed anything with what she was wearing? Heidi Klum’s LBD from Victoria Beckham’s Spring 2009 collection and her YSL patent shoes is the same dress and shoes that Victoria Beckham wore while doing her December shopping. Check out the photo below.

heidi klum vs. victoria beckham dress

Victoria Beckham wore her LBD with a fur shrug, trademark shades, black motorcycle gloves, and *ehem..* a Hermes bag, while Heidi Klum preferred to wear it as it is. So who wore it better? I’ll go for the minimalist this time, that is Heidi. Oh, can I snatch Victoria’s Hermes bag to match with it? Hehe! For me, that’s the perfect look! Well, not that I don’t like what Victoria is wearing. In fact, I love it too! It’s just that I can’t wear the fur shrug anytime I want. It’s like reserved for special occasions. And the motorcycle gloves- I hate wearing gloves! I don’t know but for some reason, I feel so irritable wearing something on my hands. Well, of course, if it’s cold, I don’t have any other choice. This is just my opinion. How about you? Who do you think wore it better?