Errr… Actually, not really “back” like I’m already in Manila at the time this is posted… It’s more of- I WILL be back today since this is just a scheduled post. Hehehe! 🙂 I have to apologize, though, because I think I would still have to leave you guys with more scheduled posts (but definitely interesting ones… Hehehe). Why oh why?! Well, because of my hectic summer vacation schedule! Hehe! I’m leaving for Europe tomorrow! Yessss, tomorrow which is why I have been praying that our flight back to Manila from Boracay won’t be delayed. I need time to pack and of course, rest! My mom would kill me if I won’t make it to our flight tomorrow! Geeesh! Well, this is what happens when not planning ahead. Ummm… Actually, I did. In fact, I got my ticket for Boracay a month ago, when my family and I did not had any definite plans yet. I never thought that our Euro trip would fall right after my Boracay vacation since we usually leave around end of March or early April. Waaaah! I could just imagine how I’d look in all my pictures in Europe! I would probably look like toasted bread! Hehe! Anyways, I guess my post on my Boracay experience will be put on hold until I get back. ‘Til then!

Lush Angel