Today, I’m leaving for my annual vacation with my family. As much as I want to curl up in bed since I’m probably tired from my Boracay adventure, I’m most likely up so early today to continue packing my stuff (I’m just assuming since this is a scheduled post 🙂 ). Geeesh! Nevertheless, I’m fine because I’m forever asleep when I get to sit comfortably inside an airplane. For some reason, being inside an airplane is like a sleeping pill for me. I fall asleep easily, and when I say “easily”, I’m in deep sleep even before the plane takes off! Yah, that fast! Hehe!

Anyways, some people have been asking me about this annual vacation of mine with my family. Why summer of all seasons (making me always unavailable to go to the beach with my friends)? Well, simply because when my siblings and I were still studying, summer is the longest vacation we used to have, which obviously becomes the best time to go out of the country. Of course, we don’t want to waste our plane tickets just by staying in a country for 3 days or less, unless it is some Asian country nearby. Since then, it has been like a tradition in our family to go on a vacation every summer. This has always been our stress reliever, especially for my parents. Also, it is not only the sceneries, nor the shopping, that we actually look forward to. It is during these kinds of trips when our whole family gets to bond. For some reason, it is entirely different when we are together in another country. We go out every weekend, especially on Sundays, but the bond we are able to build is just different when we are abroad. Every night is chit-chatting night at the hotel room. Everyday is a tour around the place together. This bond is what we always miss whenever our tour ends. These are the reasons why it has always been a family thing for us to leave the country at least once a year.

Well, I just need to explain myself to those friends of mine who have been asking almost every year. Hehehe! Anyway, as I enjoy my Central and Eastern Europe vacation with my family, I’m leaving you guys with interesting posts everyday so keep coming back! 🙂

Living Lush-ciously,

Lush Angel