thousand cranes

I always see Thousand Cranes in Greenbelt, but I never got the chance to try it out. Well, simply because the name says- Thousand Cranes Shabu-Shabu. Arthur hates eating shabu-shabu. Ummm… not exactly hate. He just finds it annoying that he still needs to cook the food instead of serving it hot and fresh so all you have to do is eat. Yes, it is quite irritating to smell the delicious food with a starving stomach, right

Anyways, since my family usually eats shabu-shabu at Gloria Maris Greenhills and at Golden Fortune Binondo, we never tried Thousand Cranes yet. Actually, when Arthur and I saw Thousand Cranes before at Greenbelt, he immediately said that if my parents saw that, we would surely eat there. Hehehe! Eating shabu-shabu seems to be so traumatic for him, huh?! Hehehe! Well, true enough, since Thousand Cranes opened at the new Eastwood mall already, my mom’s initial reaction – “Lets try it out!” Hahaha!

thousand cranes shabu-shabuSo there we were, sitting inside Thousand Cranes… When I looked at the menu, I was surprise to see that they do not only offer shabu-shabu after all! They actually offer Japanese food! I can’t really tell if they have yummy Japanese dishes since, obviously, it’s not what my parents were after. We only tried their Japanese fried rice and I say it really tastes good. As for their shabu-shabu, we got their set menu, which includes various types of food such as shrimp ball, squid ball, corn on a cub, veggies, mushrooms, tofu, shrimp, squid, tenderloin, lamb, and many more. So how was it? I’m giving their shabu-shabu five out five! We all loved it! Imagine, even Arthur who used to “hate” shabu-shabu complimented it. The soup and the sauce are both very, very delicious! I’m quite sure we are going back for it! 🙂

If you want to try Thousand Cranes, they have branches in Greenbelt, Trinoma, and Eastwood. Happy eating! 🙂