Remember my previous post on Tarte Cheek Stain? Well, I still haven’t gotten my own Tarte Cheek Stain since I ended up asking my Ahiya to buy me a Bare Escentuals blush!  🙁 I am still wanting to have one though even if I haven’t used that Bare Escentuals blush!  I mean hello?!  Who wouldn’t want to own a Tarte Cheek Stain when even celebrities use it, and is voted as the best gel blush for four years in a row?!

I remember those days when I was so addicted to that cheek stain from Body Shop. It is similar to Tarte except that the one from Body Shop is in liquid form, which is why you have to be good in rubbing it on your cheeks to make the blush look even. I used it both as a blush and as a lip stain. I just had to stop using it since my skin doesn’t react well to Body Shop products. Plus, I find it too messy to apply since my fingers are all red after I put it on. I usually do my make-up inside the car, so just imagine my hands when I get to my destination! This is why I’m ranting about this Tarte Cheek Stain again. I just love this product! 🙂 Check out how easy it is to apply this beauty wonder to believe me! Watch the tutorial below on how to apply Tarte Cheek Stain. 🙂