I have enjoyed my long weekend vacation last June 12 and guess what, another long weekend is coming up on August. 🙂 You know what this means?  Time to plan another trip! Hahaha! 🙂 

One can never out grow Boracay. Its beautiful shores, great sunset, mouth-watering foods, exciting activities, and party-all-night spots just makes one keep coming back to Bora.  My friends and I plan to go back to Boracay on August.  Again, we’d be staying in Island Nook.  It’s an affordable and yet comfy place that everyone would be satisfied.  And if you happen to meet the yuppie owners of the place, they are very accommodating.  They’d be glad to tell you the whereabouts of the cool places and fun activities of the island.  It is through them that I came to know about this new, cool activity in Boracay that my friends and I have yet to try in August.  It’s called Zorb.

I was told that Zorb is a new activity in the island.  You and a friend are placed inside an inflated giant ball.  You are strapped to it while the Zorb ball is pushed down hill.  Sounds exciting?  Here’s more.  You and a friend can also sit inside this giant ball with water in it.  Again, the ball will be pushed down the hill.  So you can just imagine how slippery and bumpy this ride is gonna be!  Am sure tangled hands and legs will be flying inside the Zorb ball! Hahaha!

I truly can’t wait to experience this new adventure in Boracay.

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Price of the Zorb activity is uncertain but I heard it ranges from P350-P500.