Don’t be fooled with my title. I’m loyal and I’m trustworthy. I just wanna present my new hunk from Hong Kong, 13-inch MacBook Pro…

 13inch macbook pro aluminum macbook pro 13 inch macbook pro 13-inch macbook pro

aluminum macbook proWooohooo!!! I got my dream laptop at looong, looong last! I have always thought of getting a MacBook, but whenever I’m about to get a laptop, I’m always discouraged by the fact that Mac applications are completely different. Not to mention its price, which is way more expensive before. I have been checking out several laptops for months now- brands like Asus, MSI, Lenovo and HP. In fact, I was supposed to get one last December already when one of my friends visited the U.S. Thankfully when I was able to contact him, he was about to go back to Manila in a few days. I was thinking that my laptop would not arrive at his place on time when I purchase it online. Whew! Thank God! It really is a blessing in disguise. 🙂 LOL!

Anyway, months after, my brother showed me his new laptop. My eyes grew big when he pulled it out of its case. It’s the all new Aluminum 15-inch MacBook Pro! He got it last April and boy, it is gorgeous! I got so excited and asked for the price, but when he blurted out how much his laptop costs, it wasn’t  that exciting anymore. Hahaha! His MacBook Pro cost him around US $2,000 in total! Oh dear, I don’t wanna get such powerful laptop! I’ve been dreaming about a MacBook, but as you all know, I always convert prices in terms of bags! LOL! I’m more of a bag enthusiast than a gadget freak because the value of those techy stuff plunges down in a matter of a year or two. I don’t wanna throw such big amount of money down the drain. I’d rather invest it on a Chanel bag. Yah, I’m weird, but bag hags surely understand me. LOL! 🙂

As my Hong Kong trip drew nearer, I started to drool over the internet again for laptops. It was Fashion Juice’s post that reminded me of my MacBook dream. I never tried opening Apple’s website since I already have an idea of how much their laptops cost. A week before I left for Hong Kong, I was somehow 50% sure of getting the white MacBook. Though it’s an old style, I still prefer the white over the aluminum. But, but, but, three days before I left for Hong Kong, Apple announced the all new 13-inch MacBook Pro! Hwow! Another blessing… Hehehe! When I checked on the price (HKD 9,288), I thought that it definitely is a good buy already! 🙂 The laptops I’ve been staring for months now in the internet also cost somehow the same if converted from USD to Php. The white MacBook I was thinking of buying is priced around Php 42,000 when converted. Hello, I just need to add a little more then I already have a Pro! Oh, without anew macbook pro doubt, I knew I was going to get it. The only thing bugging me is if I was going to buy it already or in my next Hong Kong trip in August. For the five days that we were going around Hong Kong, I was so distracted with that thought on top of my head. This was the main reason why I wasn’t in the mood to shop for clothes, shoes, etc. I was more enthusiastic to take pictures, pose in front of the camera, and look for a computer shop! At the last day, before we headed off to the airport, I surrendered! We went all the way to Tsim Sha Tsui to get my new boy! Isn’t he a hunk?! 🙂 Oh, he is just too gorgeous! Finally, I found my own MacBook, my love, and it’s now right on my fingertips!

Anyway, this has become a long post already. I’ll just be sharing with you guys my Mac experience with its specs and price in the posts to come. I’m just sooo in the mood to blog because of my hunky babe!

P.S. Special thanks to Fashion Juice for bringing me the news on the latest 13-inch MacBook Pro. My Hong Kong trip was definitely right on time when Apple announced this. You need to get a MacBook soon too so we could share applications and tips! Hehehe! Yah, she is switching over to Mac also and I’m excited about it too! At least I’m not alone… Hehehe! Thanks again, Cris! You’re the best! 🙂