When you’re in love, what do you usually wear? Are you the type who would wear a certain color? Or do you wear a specific style of clothing – something girly maybe? Or nothing in particular? Well, I’d probably go for colors. Although red is more related to love, I reserve that color for birthdays. Haha! Coming from a Chinese family, I need lots of red to wear on every birthday celebration in our clan. So, I just go for a feminine color – PINK!



Not all ladies are comfortable wearing pink because it’s too girly for them. In fact, even if I’m into feminine looks, I only have few pink clothes. But why not try a soft shade of pink? The muted color is not so hard to match and it’s easier to wear than bright pinks. 😉


And what made me decide to wear pink this day? Not that I’m not always in love. I’m just extra in love because I saw Smart’s latest TVC again. If you’re following me on Instagram (lush_angel), Twitter, (@lush_angel), and Facebook (facebook.com/lushangelblog), you’ve probably read how kilig I was the first time I watched it. Honestly, I can barely remember the last time I felt so in love (feeling like a teenager) because of an advertisement. This one just gave me goose bumps and made me say “awww…” aloud! LOL! Yes, I’m a hopeless romantic! And this, I must say, is this generation’s love story. <3 Well, if you haven’t seen the TVC I’m talking about, check it out HERE. I promise, it will make you feel young again even for just a few seconds. Hehe! 😀 😀 😀

So, for the guys out there, make your girl feel special, okay??? There’s no reason anymore not to keep calling or texting her. During my college years, my guy would have to spend on our phone calls. There were no unlimited call or text promos back then. Now, you only need PHP 50 for 3 days of unlimited Trinet calls (Smart, Sun, TNT), texts to all networks, and 50MB surfing. I honestly think this is the best unli promo I’ve seen so far! For more details of this Unli Call and Text 50, here’s the link: http://smrt.ph/uct50-angela.


Going back to the outfit, to add more “love” to the look, I used a fuchsia necklace- still close to pink/ red. Sorry, I’m in love! Haha! 😀 I told ya that TVC sent shivers down my spine!!! 😀


To keep the soft colors, I used a neutral-colored bag and shoes.




Adding to the feminine touch is this watch from the new collection of Kenneth Cole. Although it has big face, the face and the stones make it very feminine. I’ll share more about Kenneth Cole’s new collection in a different post.



So, do you love pink shades? What do you usually wear when you’re in love? 😉



Top: Forever 21
Skirt: Instagram account @uso_ph
Watch: Kenneth Cole
Necklace: Jean and Rosz
Bag: Hermes Herbag

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