I have never liked the cold weather. It’s just so hard to move around. Hehehe!

It should be fall by now. The weather should be perfect- just the right cool breeze. A little layering of clothes should keep me warm. But no!!! The wind here is just so strong that no matter how many layers of clothes I put on, plus a coat on top, they just don’t seem to work! πŸ™ Waaah!

But having this cold weather is not entirely bad. I sort of love it because I get to wear my winter clothes, which I don’t get to wear in Manila. I actually have a thing with winter clothes. I’m addicted to buying coats and I sooo love wearing booties! πŸ™‚ In fact, before I left Manila, I was having a hard time choosing what coats to bring. If only I can bring them all just to wear them here… Hehehe! I just love the fall/ winter fashion! Something I wish I could wear in Manila, but obviously, I can’t unless I want a sauna feel! Hahaha! πŸ™‚

Anyways, here I go again with my love for fall fashion… I got a new pair of booties at Oxford Street and I sooo love it! πŸ™‚ I’m actually looking for a motorcycle boots, but all those available in stores are sooo biggie! They have my size but the uppper part of the boots is just too loose. Me not likey! πŸ™ When I stumbled upon this gray booties, I fell in love with it. The height is perfect and I love the design. It doesn’t look plain at all. It also has this tassle, which can be easily taken out if I don’t feel like wearing it. And the studs- I want! How I wish I can bring home another pair of booties, which I can wear for my travels… πŸ™‚

rider boots

boots with tassle

Eeeek! This one looks scary… I don’t have a face! Hahaha! Still shy… Sorry! πŸ™‚ Just wanna share how this booties kept me warm when I went to Scotland for the weekend. πŸ™‚

tall boots with tassle

And because it’s extremely cold in Scotland, I prepared myself and wore this. Hmmm… would you believe I felt so warm with what I was wearing??? In fact, I had to take off my coat already. My secret? Well, I was wearing liquid leggings BUT I still have thermal inside, plus another leggings! Now, as for my top, I wore a turtle neck knit longsleeve and put my KAT dress on top of it. And to put some accent, I fastened my dress with a studded belt. Obviously, I would not have survived the cold weather with these 2 pieces of clothing for my top. Hehehe! I have several tops inside my knit longsleeve. Hahaha! And lastly, of course this comfy boots kept me warm as I traveled around Edinburgh, Scotland. πŸ™‚