This is one of the outfits that didn’t make it here on the blog last January. I completely forgot about it. Ooopsie! Well, that explains why I’m wearing sweater here. With our weather right now here in the Philippines, I honestly don’t think I can wear something like this. It’s scorching hot!!! Well, it’s an all-white outfit, so it’s still perfect for summer. It’s also a good outfit idea for others around the globe who are currently enjoying Spring.

It was a chill out of town Saturday, so I wore flats. The plan was to binge all day so I made sure to wear a loose top.




Honestly, I wanted to go for an all-white look, but my stubborn self ended up throwing in a pop of color by using a vibrant Promegranate bag. Looking at these photos, I realized my hair here is already a pop of color! Haha!





Top: from Hong Kong
Skirt: Uso
Flats: MMF
Bag: Balenciaga
Necklace: SM Accessories

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