I’m a bag lover or should I say, I’m a bag addict. My bags are like my babies. Being an O.C. mommy, I take good care of them. I want them to look good as new all the time by cleaning and storing them properly. How do I store my bags? It’s a question I often get from friends and readers. Here’s a reveal. Well, it’s not a bag reveal! How I wish! More of my secret on keeping my bags in shape, as if they’re brand new.


First, I clean the bag with a dry cloth before storing it. I then put in stuffers to keep the bag in shape. For structured bags, like Louis Vuitton Alma or Chanel Medallion, I can skip the stuffers as long as I keep them standing flat in my cabinet. How about bags made of canvas, soft leather, or those that are prone to fold marks or sagging? Simple, I stuff them with crumpled paper. To make sure that no “paper scent” is transferred to my bag’s interior, I wrap the crumpled papers in a plastic.

Recently, I discovered something more convenient from Love My Bags that bag addicts will surely appreciate. These are pillow-like bag stuffers, specifically designed for various bags.


To try it out first, I have one for Goyard St. Louis PM. Although its material isn’t prone to fold marks, I hate flattening it for storage. Did I mention I’m O.C.? LOL! Who won’t get irritated with this?


But look how pretty it is when I put in the bag stuffer…


Now, I need to have those pillows for my Chanel GST too! I heard it’s one of their best-sellers since it has the tendency to be slouchy in time.


Oh, and for those who can’t stand bags that loses the shape of the base while carrying it around, Love My Bags also has a base shaper. It makes the bag look more structured.


The prices of the bag stuffers and base shapers depend on the bag. For Goyard St. Louis PM, the bag stuffer is at PHP 460 while the bag shaper is at PHP 300.


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