I’ve never thought that there exists a beautiful beautiful beautiful city outside of London. Sooo beautiful that even Nicolas Cage and Johnny Depp own houses in the city of Bath. Hehehe! Everyone just seemed to be laid back. Perfect for a weekend getaway or even a retirement place. 🙂 Haaay… I love I love I love… 🙂

Bath is just a few hours drive from London. It is definitely a must-see when you visit the UK. Bath, which proudly stands on the slopes of the River Avon, is designated as a world heritage site. It was the first city in England to receive this prestige. Bath exhibits masterpieces from both the Roman and Gregorian periods. Part of the highlights of the Bath tour is the Bath Abbey, where the coronation of the first British King took place, the Royal Crescent and the Pulteney Bridge. And of course, a visit to this city would not be complete without seeing the Roman Baths, thermal spring waters which fill its perimeters to this day.  Take a look at some of my pictures below… 🙂

one of these flats is owned by Nicolas Cage…

nicolas cage bath city

entering the Roman Baths…

bath city roman bath


The Roman Baths

roman baths

roman bath spring

around the city…

bath city tour