I decided to join a tour outside the city of London during my second weekend here. The tour includes Stonehenge, Bath and Windsor. At first, I found the tour a bit pricey considering it was just a day tour of these three places, but at the end of the day, I realized that every cent I paid is really worth it. Really, really worth it. 🙂

Let me start with my Stonehenge experience first.

We all know that Stonehenge is one of the most famous monuments here in England, making it a must-see. Situated on Salisbury Hill, Stonehenge is actually considered to be one of the world heritage site because of its unique rock formation. It is one of Britain’s oldest monuments, around 3000BC to 1600BC. Numerous theories surround Stonehenge. Some say Stonehenge is a religious temple. Others think it’s an astronomical clock. It may even be a burial ground. Until now, the mystery still remains why it was built. Take a look at some of the pictures I took and try to unveil the mystery behind it…


stonehenge tour

out of london tour mystery behind stonehenge

It is definitely nice to see such world heritage with your own eyes. It surely is nice to take pictures of it (oooh… especially during sunset… I can just imagine!). But after closely looking at those rock formations for about an hour or two, you just wanna go home. Hehehe! Well, Stonehenge is a bit far from the city and there’s really nothing to see in the surrounding area. And so if you plan to go to Stonehenge, I would definitely advise you to visit other places as well. You can go to the beautiful city of Bath, which is just an hour drive to Stonehenge. 🙂